You will not be shocked to learn that there is money to be made in playing dance music to vast crowds of inebriated Europeans. You may, however, be shocked to learn just how much money there is to be made. Celebrity Net Worth recently put together a list of the world’s 30 richest DJs and their estimated net worths, and it’s pretty fascinating; Digweed, for example, is significantly richer than Sasha. And it’s heartening to see Daft Punk and the Chemical Brothers among the elite. The main thing I get out of this particular list, though, is so much money. Check it out below.

30 Afrojack ($2 million)
29 Markus Schulz ($2 million)
28 Darude ($2.5 million)
27 Kaskade ($3 million)
26 Martin Solveig ($3 million)
25 Eric Prydz ($4 million)
24 Swedish House Mafia ($4 million each)
23 Gareth Emery ($5 million)
22 Avicii ($6 million)
21 Skrillex ($8 million)
20 Andre Tanneberger ($8 million)
19 Calvin Harris ($10 million)
18 Deadmau5 ($12 million)
17 Benny Benassi ($14 million)
16 Carl Cox ($15 million)
15 The Chemical Brothers ($15 million)
14 Ferry Corsten ($18 million)
13 Steve Aoki ($20 million)
12 Fatboy Slim ($22 million)
11 David Guetta ($25 million)
10 Moby ($28 million)
09 Daft Punk ($30 million each)
08 Pete Tong ($30 million)
07 Judge Jules ($40 million)
06 Sasha (($40 million)
05 Armin Van Buuren ($40 million)
04 John Digweed ($45 million)
03 Paul Van Dyk ($50 million)
02 Paul Oakenfold ($55 million)
01 Tiesto ($65 million)
(via Celebrity Net Worth)

Apparently, Diplo needs to diversify his bonds.

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  1. Obligatory Tiesto griping about how much I hate Tiesto.

  2. #DiploShots

    jk, but for real though, im gonna go be a DJ now

  3. Just wait until Tiesto releases his unplugged album.

  4. Crazy. Skrillex played my Bar Mitzvah and only charged a thousand bucks and two pounds of bath salts.

  5. Is Oakenfold on permanent residency someplace to make that much cash?? FU

  6. Pearson Sound is clearly being wildly underpaid.

  7. Surprised not to see Diplo on here. Also feel like Calvin Harris should be richer. Doesn’t he write songs for Rihanna now?

  8. f’in crazy. way more than i ever imagined. are there any guitar-based “indie” groups who could place onto a list like this? ones not named radiohead?

  9. Cripes this is a weak week in music news.

  10. :: reads list, throws instruments away ::

  11. OK OK OK Why aren’t these guys on that list?
    1. Mike Simonetti
    2. Lovefingers
    3. Tim Sweeney
    4. James Murphy
    5. Cosmo Vitelli
    6/7. Rub ‘n Tug
    8/9. Optimo
    10. Beppe Loda
    11/12. Soulwax
    13. Jacques Renault
    14. DJ Harvey
    15. Justin Vandervolgen
    16. Baris K
    17. Lee Douglas
    18. Alexis Le-Tan
    19. Secret Circuit
    20. JAZ
    21. Todd Terje
    22. Shit Robot
    23. Michael Mayer
    24/25. Dirty Soundsystem
    26. Pilooski
    27 – 30. Horse Meat Disco

  12. Of course, there’s more! These are the first thirty I could think of.

  13. Pretty shocked that at least one of the members, if not the collective whole, of Above & Beyond isn’t on here. Stunning producers and ace label managers.

  14. It’s pretty sickening to see though that most of the artists whose records these DJs get paid to play barely live above the poverty line

  15. @Damien They all need to move over to AM Only. Simply the best and biggest Agency for Dj’s in the World ; ))

  16. about 90 percent of that list is from that Agency ; ))

  17. HAHA Aoki has 10x as much as Afrojack WTF HAHA U GOT F’D AFRO. Aoki had money tho

  18. Darude is still around?

    Im sure they all make way more than this assuming Net Worth factors in spending money on stupid shit

  19. Louie DeVito?

  20. But Skrillex Spent most of his money on the full flex tour?

  21. It seems Daft Punk is actually the 2nd highest paid, since BOTH receive 30million. Thats 60 million for 1 act.

  22. yeah daft punk rulllez looks like they overcome chemical Brothers the ones that lounched them :))

  23. for every concert or is how much money they have? wow daft punk are soo rich? but they havent being in a concert for years!

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