Dan Deacon Ruins "Call Me Maybe"

Dan Deacon piles “Call Me Maybe” on itself over and over again, creating the most dissonant, harrowing take on Carli Rae Jepsen’s hit known to man. According to Deacon, it’s for a “Call Me Maybe” covers compilation. Stream it below.


Buy it at Bandcamp, if you must. Earlier this summer, you might recall, Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij mashed up “Call Me Maybe” and Annie Lennox’s “Walking On Broken Glass.”

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  1. I’d rather listen to this 147 times than the actual song once.

  2. This is actually amazing. Saying he “ruins” the song makes for a good headline, but I love it. Also: s/o to Wilson. Haven’t seen that guy in a while.

  3. Sure, turning Carly Rae Jepsen into a piece of malfunctioning industrial machinery makes a fairly obvious artistic statement. Sometimes, though, really obvious things can still be completely fucking brilliant.

    • Seriously. the dude not only turned her into a malfunctioning machine, but he did through simply though over exposure. And it was hardly unlistenable. It created amazing patterns and never lost its original rhythm.

      Well done Dan Deacon. I will think of this everytime I’m walking through the mall and hear this song playing in five different stores at once.

  4. This is actually insanely cool! Only Dan Deacon would think of such a thing.

    • If we’re going to be a dick about it, a more accurate description for it would be that it uses a technique similar to the phasing technique popularized by Steve Reich to generate the resonant frequencies and tones of the original acapella and this is hardly the first time Dan Deacon has used it.

  5. This is actually awesome, and I really wasn’t expecting that.

  6. Not even heard of the original or it’s artist but this is great. Reminds me of NIN somewhat in it’s industrial/machinery sounds.

  7. The Ben Howard cover of it is more up my alley.

  8. Yeah this is really friggin’ good. BOO to the title of this article!

  9. Why isn’t this on youtube?

  10. do yall even know what dissonant means?

  11. saying someone ruined “call me maybe” is like saying someone flattened a pancake

  12. They should play this to terrorists on loop during interrogation.

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