Bummed 2009 passed away and left Merriweather Post Pavilion a less sexy option for so and so is > so and so equations? Cheer up, Panda Bear did a one-man “Daily Routine” (with projections, natch) at the Life Is Live Conference at Berlin’s HAU 2 on Friday. He also performed 10 new tracks in the 50-minute set. We weren’t there, but someone named tulis at Collected Animals was and decided to live blog the entire thing in detail. Additionally, Panda Bear debuted this “Tomboy” t-shirt that’s started rumors about the possible name of his new album. Welcome to 2010.

Via Collected Animals:

Untitled 1 – Ah, another Panda prayer/chant type song. Bass is really heavy, melody is direct… this could make a good opener or closer to the new album. I’d expect a little more to it then.

Untitled 2 – Ooh, these drums are nice. I’m getting excited! And then the guitar comes in… this is pretty slick. O man, the melody is TOTALLY unexpected from Panda. Same with that chord progression. This is really interesting (in a good way). Though, now that it’s sinking in, I’m not sure how much more he can really do with this one. But that drum beat is killer. As I let the verse melody (the base, step-down, step-back-up note progression) sink in, I’m not quite as sure about it. Hurm.

Untitled 3 – Ah, I remember this part from the end of Surfer’s Hymn, yes. Another Panda prayer. Perhaps this is still part of Surfer’s Hymn (or maybe not) but he switched its place in the song. Either way, I like this one. Very pretty. It doesn’t feel like much of a song, though the melody at 1:40 is incredibly beautiful. Feels like it would make a great segue type song. Or maybe an Animal Collective song if they continue down the Bleed route. Anyways, beautiful.

Untitled 4 (Surfer’s Hymn) – This is one of my favorite Panda melodies. I wish he’d hold the last note of each line a bit longer, like in the ATP bootleg. But man, this is still a killer song. It’s so forlorn and sad, yet chill and relaxing (like a day on the beach). When I play the melody on the guitar a little slower it turns into a really sad song, but I digress.

Daily Routine – I like that he kept slowing it down. It’s like he keeps hitting snooze on his day. But ultimately I like the studio cut more. Still a good take, and nice to hear the song without a 9-minute outro.

Untitled 5 – ooOOOoooo! Fun beat to start, and then a twisty, plinky guitar line much like in I Think I Can. This is more like what I was expecting after hearing I Think I Can. Nice melody, as is to be expected I suppose from Panda Bear. This actually is somewhat similar to that most recent AC song, though this one might be a bit more interesting. I almost feel as if this song would be better served as a more upbeat song – a little faster, and with more and more varied drums to it.

Untitled 6 – Not much to say about this one. Chill, but that’s about all I have to say about it. That, and it sounds like a good dream.

Untitled 7 – We will, we will rock you- o wait, he started singing, and it’s not Queen. Another chill jam. Better melody than the last one, and I liked that one. Wow, what a high note. Impressive. That song was chill as shit.

Untitled 8 – Ah, a seemingly more upbeat song! This is exciting! Indeed, this is killer. Almost reggae, with that interjecting guitar. This song was awesome.

Untitled 9 (Final song from ATP) – WOAH, where did that beat come from?! It’s like an entirely different song now! Way better than the last time I heard it. Indeed, it seems more fleshed out. That guitar line is pretty sick too… It’s got an almost middle-eastern quality to it.

Untitled 10 – This is balling. Probably the only song I wouldn’t want to see much change to. That drum beat is f’ing awesome. Probably my favorite song, as is, from the set.

Now that you have one person’s opinion, download the complete audio here. If it ever stops spinning. (Thanks for the tip, Panda Snare.) We also have two of the new songs as performed the following night in Belgium:

(Via GvsB)

But hey, it’s just about Panda Bear: Animal Collective were nominated for two 2010 BRIT Awards, Best International Breakthrough Act and Best International Album (for Merriweather Post Pavilion). I guess I spoke to soon about that > thing.

[Photo via @buryingluck]

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  1. actually panda played a whole set of new songs, daily routine was the only old song he played.

    you can grab it here:

  2. David  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2010 +1

    Saw him on Saturday (STUK, Leuven in Belgium) with Deakin as opening act. Short set but the new songs sound good. Deakin was also good, although as he confessed, he still has to get used to his set-up (adjustments to his gear between songs lowered a bit at times the mood). I think I heard him say that this was the first time that they both played “together” (meaning same place and same day, they did not play any song together) in a long time. Is this true?

  3. David again  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2010 +1

    BTW, the t-shirts on sale had “Panda Bear Tomboy”, so that’s another one for the rumors on the new album title.

  4. Hardcore UFO's  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2010 +1

    Thats SO cool that already theres new stuff to hear…It’s like watching a polaroid develop or something…Here’s an artist living in the present….

  5. gleam  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2010 -1

    meh…horribly self indulgent…digging this is like believing that david koresh is the messiah

  6. anon  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2010 -1

    Why do you use “natch”??? You sound like a ditzy valley girl. Suck a bag of dicks

  7. Chris  |   Posted on Jan 18th, 2010 -1

    These new songs are a bit dirge-like for my taste. Kind of formless, meandering. I hope these are still works in progress. That being said, any new Panda Bear is a great start.

  8. nathan  |   Posted on Jan 19th, 2010 -1

    he he singing, “Namaste?”

  9. I really loved the intro at ATP NY. I’m sure it won’t be included anywhere (considering it’s ‘I Think I Can’) but it’s totally uplifting.

  10. soberdrunk  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2010 -1

    Today he performed at Lisbon.

    I was hugelly disapointed. Altough some songs seem to have potencial, the hole scene was interlevead with very boring, directionless material.

    And it wasn’t just me… the audience only get excited over two musics.

    And absolutely no previous material, except for the assassination of a AC music?

    Also, no encore.

    Once again, hugelly disappointed. As much as I like AC and Panda Bear on album, save your money for something else…

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