Hear Yeasayer 'Fragrant World' Via Scavenger Hunt

Yeasayer will launch an Internet-wide scavenger hunt in celebration of their new album Fragrant World, a process during which they’ll reveal the album’s tracks, one-by-one, via those hallucinatory videos they’re real into. The band’s full screed:



DATE: 9:24am. Aug. 1. 2012

We have received a message that we are on the verge of embargoed information being leaked through the cracks of the digital universe. Once again an attempt to tell the story before our mouths can spit. In order to have the edge we have created PSCYVOTV standing for PREEMPTIVE SELF-COMMISSIONED YEASAYER VORSTELLUNG or TRACK VISUALIZER.

Using the talents of Yoshi Sodeoka we have created a moving visual for every song on our new album FRAGRANT WORLD and have hidden them all over the internet. The visuals will live on the web until Friday Aug. 3, at 8pm EST. You’ll have a few days to find, listen, and most importantly, hear the album from our hands first. At 8pm sharp PSCYVOTV will be removed.

If you find all the visuals remember the track listing:

1. Fingers Never Bleed
2. Longevity
3. Blue Paper
4. Henrietta
5. Devil and the Deed
6. No Bones
7. Reagan’s Skeleton
8. Demon Road
9. Damaged Goods
10. Folk Hero Schtick
11. Glass of the Microscope

Please remember, it’s fun to share, but more important to support.

*Warning: PSCYVOTV may cure depression or boredom.

Follow them on Twitter for more tips. We’ll update below as songs are discovered.

1. “Fingers Never Bleed”

(via Tim & Eric)

2. “Longevity”

3. “Blue Paper”

(via Wired)

4. “Henrietta”

5. “Devil And The Deed”

6. “No Bones”

(via Rolling Stone

7. “Reagan’s Skeleton”

(via Exclaim)

8. “Demon Road”

(via The Quietus

9. “Damaged Goods”

10. “Folk Hero Schtick”

11. “Glass of the Microscope”

(via Refinery29)

Comments (22)
  1. the visuals on Blue Paper are killing my good vibes

  2. this album seems amazing so far! :)

  3. Must find Devil & the Deed. They played it a couple years back on Conan and it was sick!

  4. Just so y’all know, track two is called “Longevity” and not “Longetivity.” It’s my favorite so far (though I’ve had the most exposure to it since it’s been out a while). :-)

  5. hot chip UND yeasayer?! die Bienen Titten!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Fingers Never Bleed is on Tim and Eric’s website.

  7. brb drugs

  8. blue paper is perfect dece weird.

  9. FW10, from the land of the Aussies :P
    Folk Hero Shtick

  10. The videos being titled “FW ##” are giving off some super creepy recommended things at the ends of the songs.

  11. Kreskin says….Future Pitchfork review slash Premature Evaluation gives it a straight 7.2. “Yeasayer continue to combine restrained, yet irresistibly catchy pop on a jittery, synthesized platform that is embedded on sonic landscapes that continually keep you guessing as a listener. Nothing entirely new here or outside their comfort zone, yet with each listen they flirt with whats become their own original template, and on occasion, even compelling in its own psychedelic way.”

  12. So far so meh :( Maybe I suck, but the album just isn’t that catchy to me

  13. That was the easiest scavenger hunt ever

  14. My eyes hurt now from all them colours but I love it already, and Yeasayer’s albums always get better with each listen!

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