The Darkness - Hot Cakes

I kinda feel like the Darkness don’t do themselves any favors. They take every cliche in the Spinal Tap playbook, blow it up to Jumbotron proportions, and add assless chaps. I mean, just look at that album cover. But here’s the thing: They’re fantastic songwriters and musicians. I genuinely love and listen to both their albums (2003′s The Darkness and ’05′s One Way Ticket To Hell … And Back, a title that must have been deemed “too over-the-top” by Meat Loaf) and I don’t see how any fans of Queen and/or Judas Priest don’t feel exactly the same way. The Darkness have been doing “Street Spirit” in concert forever, and now they’re including a studio version of the song on their new album, Hot Cakes. Listen:

Hot Cakes is out 8/21 via Wind-Up.

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  1. Emoticons are overrated, but this deserves a good O_o

  2. Readiohed invented music in 1995

  3. this is the funniest thing i’ve heard all week and i just got caught up on the latest Louie and Workaholics episodes.

  4. That first Darkness album shows that it is perfectly possible to make funny songs that also work as songs in their own right.

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