G-Dragon - "One Of A Kind" Video

I never expected to use the word “Lynchian” to describe a 2 Chainz video, but that happened this week. Yet again, we’ve got a complete avalanche of idiosyncratic visions and brainpan-expoding imagery from a whole lot of videos this week, both big-budget and no-budget. And in putting this list together, I had to make some tough omissions, like Screaming Females’ gruesome zombie comedy and Band Of Horses’ beautiful fake nature film. Here’s what we ended up picking instead.

5. Van She – “Jamaica” (Dir. Mike Piscitelli)

A week after Major Lazer’s luminous “Get Free” clip, here we’ve got another one about how awesome it is to be in Jamaica. I think both videos might even feature the same swimming hole. And you know what? I’m convinced. Jamaica looks fucking amazing. And you have to respect the ingenuity of any group who uses their new video as an excuse to visit the country and comes away with a gorgeous video as a result.

4. The Presets – “Ghosts” (Dir. Abteen Bagheri)

Bagheri is the man behind A$AP Rocky’s instantly iconic “Peso” video, and without the credits, I would’ve had no idea that he’d done this one too. But Bagheri finds stark beauty in diving boards the same way he does in Harlem street corners. The synchronized divers in this video twist and spiral downward in this video with a classical grace, and Bagheri does wonderful work capturing the instant where they’re hanging in midair.

3. Bob Dylan – “Duquesne Whistle” (Dir. Nash Edgerton)

The opening seconds of this one are fucking unbearable, like a mini-version of an indie romance where all the characters are way, way too wistful and quirky for their own good. But things turn dark fast, and it ends the way I wish 500 Days Of Summer did. Bonus points for the impossibly ridiculous but badass entourage that Dylan keeps here; there’s at least an outside chance that that’s the real Gene Simmons back there.

2. Trash Talk – “F.E.B.N.” (Dir. Tyler, The Creator)

Tyler, The Creator, directing under his Wolf Haley alias, has been way too willing to throw all sorts of gross imagery and shitty jokes at the camera in his videos lately. But in this one, he captures some of the anarchic fun of a Trash Talk live show while maintaining the brutalist black-and-white simplicity that helped make his “Yonkers” video so unforgettable. And when you think about it, every music video should really end with Lee Spielman and a little girl emerging from a Lamborghini and Spielman screaming “What the fuck?” at the camera.

1. G-Dragon – “One Of A Kind” (Dir. Seo Hyun Seung)

If you don’t have a baby tiger on a leash or a dancing bear cub in your video, you lost. Sometimes, it’s just that simple. K-pop has discovered skate-rap, and we should all be very, very excited about that.

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  1. If the song wasn’t called Jamaica you know fine well Tom would have thought it was Nigeria or something.

  2. That Tennis scene in the G-Dragon video…what?

    • Technically, Koreans excel at tennis. They’re very technical tennis players. Regarding the clip’s relevancy in the video, your analysis is spot on.

    • To understand that scene you would have to understand GD’s history haha. Anyways, long story short, inside the glass was outfits he’s worn in the past. I’d go into detail but since you’re not a fan, it would probably not make sense.

    • Yes, that tennis scene hold specific significance that only fans will know. “Breaking away from his past and follow him as he brings you to another level with his music” kind of meaning.

    • Think he is channeling Mac in that. You know. Bad boy of tennis, self destructing. The clothes in the cases in that scene are all outfits from past videos.

      I know that Tom references Slash Gordon in his review but the music honestly sounds more like YG’s early rap stuff. Since the song is autobiographical and GD grew up at YG the music makes sense. Yes there’s a skateboard in the video in 1 scene lol. But listen to the music dood. Very old school YG.

  3. Also, no Chairlift love for that Japanese video? You owe Caroline Polachek/ Caroline Polachek’s glorious armpit hair an explanation.

  4. For those who just want to see the dancing bear cub — 2:21

  5. While I get that someone had to be omitted, I still think Band of Horses should have made the cut! I mean, “Knock Knock” is pretty great… http://www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2012/08/24/159982723/first-watch-band-of-horses-knock-knock

  6. Nice to see GD make a reappearance on Stereogum. Can’t same I’m a huge fan of his solo music, but his videos are quality.

  7. You guys are too obsessed with K-Pop.

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