Death Grips

When Sacramento punk-rap noisemakers Death Grips signed to Epic and announced plans to drop two albums in a year, it was a deeply unlikely turn of events, one that seemed like it might not turn out well. And though they did release the galvanizing album The Money Store earlier this year, the relationship between band and label suddenly seems way more fraught. On Twitter, the band wrote that Epic wouldn’t confirm the release of new album NO LOVE DEEP WEB until next year, so the band claimed that they’d let everyone hear it at the same time as they delivered it to their label. And late last night, they posted the LP for free download on Twitter. They also unveiled the cover art, which is the album’s title written on a boner. It’s obviously super-NSFW, but it’s below, as is a stream of the album. Download it here.

Death Grips - No Love Deep Web

If a band is ever again worried that they’ll never escape label purgatory, allow me to suggest this course of action.

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  1. They’re now obliged to sign peoples dicks at their live shows.

  2. I have the weirdest boner right now. Guess I’ll write something on it.

  3. I love these guys

  4. those are some long pubes.

  5. that album cover begs for a caption contest.

  6. Really, what were they expecting when they signed up to a major label? As cool of an action it is, it seems like they sort of set themselves up for it, and that subtracts from the message.

  7. The album link isn’t working for me, so I had to download each song individually from soundcloud. I now have 14 dick pics in my downloads folder. Also – I think I’m allergic to Sharpie ink.

  8. The last three songs on this album are my favorite. This is coming from someone who didn’t care for The Money Store.

    Good timing for this album to drop at the beginning of October/Fall. I feel Death Grips works better in a cooler, soon to be wintry environment. Supports their bleakness quite well.

    All in all, I’m impressed.

  9. What a dinnick…

  10. can’t believe this album is circumcised…

  11. If this is not a publicity stunt, it should have been.

  12. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  13. They missed a great chance to have it jizzing the tracklist.

  14. Can’t get into this record, and I loved their last two albums. :(

  15. Death Grips didn’t just let people downlad their album for free, they let anyone make money with it. Read this article:

  16. overall, pretty uninspiring

    • common should have done this after his beef with drake didn’t really have the desired PR effect, as that’s CLEARLY what this is attempting.

      plus I’ve just always wanted to see his peener (obvs)

      Anyway, I don’t really see the point? Dicks are objectively ugly, regardless of whether they get your boat rockin or not. from a design point of view, whoever made dicks (GOD or jesus, obvs) must have been inspired on some apartment therapy shit when he made the vagina – really riding high on a wave of creativity (s/o noah’s ark). but for the peener, god must have been mugged recently or something. maybe it was raining. i dont know (i wasn’t there). I guess what i’m saying is, if you’re going to use a genital, from an aesthetic standpoint, you should use a VG. the only reason i bring this up is because they said they consider it “art” and, not that all art has to be beautiful but actually there goes my argument.

      i just think dicks are ugly, at the end of the day. maybe that’s just me. no disrespect to penises or balls (obvs)

  17. Hey Donny just letting you know that someone read this comment. See ya later.

  18. the article about death grips on is great, thanks Dunk Paft. Why stereogum don’t spread these infos ? Everyone has the right to commercially release this record, it is crazy

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