Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Look, I’m a staunch proponent of the not-exactly-controversial notion that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is the best song of the alternative era, and I’m generally pretty uncomfortable when opportunists use Nirvana iconography to sell shitty products or agendas, but when it comes to “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” I’m never sure where the line is drawn. Kurt appropriated the phrase from a bit of graffiti scrawled on his wall by Kathleen Hanna; the line was a reference to Teen Spirit deodorant, a Mennen product aimed at teenage girls. So I probably shouldn’t feel too much moral indignation just because CBS greenlighted a new sitcom called “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by The Big Bang Theory’s Dave Goetsch. But still …

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The multicamera comedy revolves around an 18-year-old budding entrepreneur who forgoes Harvard and instead opts to launch a multibillion-dollar Internet company from his garage with the assistance of his sister, best friend and his 1990s indie-rock parents.”

Irrespective of the title (which is a thematic fit, I guess, but still makes me nauseous), that synopsis doesn’t exactly describe any “1990s indie-rock parents” I know. Let’s say they were born in 1970, had a kid at age 24 (in 1994), so he’s now 18, they’re 42 … It’s not impossible, but it just doesn’t scan right for me. Also, why the hell is he launching a “multibillion-dollar Internet company from his garage”? Wouldn’t some of those multibillions cover office space? Wouldn’t you want a professional veneer on a multibillion-dollar operation? It just doesn’t make any sense. Of course, the lyrics of “Teen Spirit” didn’t make any sense either, so … QED?

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  1. So it’s sort of going to be like Family Ties only less funny (probably)?

  2. well, they’ve got the stupid and contagious part down, but I don’t know if this is going to entertain anyone.

  3. maybe they’ll have an episode where there’s a gas leak in the garage, and they have to turn out the lights to prevent an explosion?

  4. woozefa  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2012 +2

    No, they weren’t all happy days, like the time Pinky Tuscadero crashed her motorcycle, or the night I lost all my money to those card sharks and my dad Tom Bosley had to get it back.

  5. “here we are now, entertain us…”

  6. “Nauseas” … “why the hell is he launching a ‘multibillion-dollar Internet company from HIM garage’”

    Smells like you need a proofreader. ZING.

  7. I pitched Lifetime a movie called “Love Will Tear Us Apart” about a 17 year-old girl who falls in love with her 34 year-old hot English punk rocker stepbrother in 1979 after she was 16 and pregnant.

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  9. Actually, the age thing fits perfect. I’m 43, was 21 in 1990, my kid is only 13, but I could easily have had an 18 yr old by now. That said, sit coms suck.

  10. Another sign of the coming apocalypse.

  11. Television Friendly Unit Shifter

  12. At first I was bothered by the premise, but to be honest, this is still better than any sitcom idea I have come up with. The best I have so far is called Two and a Half Jews, with the tag line “A cut above and a cut below”. It would be like the Big Bang Theory, except with more Jew jokes. Our serious episode would not wrestle with subjects like pregnancy, STDs, rape, or physical abuse, but instead the Holocaust; yeah, you heard me Whitney, you can’t make anything sadder than the Holocaust. The episode where we jump the shark is when the characters circumcise an adult against his will. Instead of getting acts like Explosions in the Sky to score out television show, we will settle on Black Ox Orkestar.

    Given the above is the best I can come up with, Smells Like Teen Spirit sounds amazing, especially that one scene where the kid will become overly stressed in regards to finances, and he receives sage advice from his “Indie” Parents, who he recognizes are more wise than he originally gave them credit for.

  13. Well, if the parody of 1990s indie-rock parents is half as insulting and stereotypical as the ridiculously over done characters on Big Bang Theory, we might all have to blow our brains out.

  14. Didn’t ABC buy a “1990′s grrrrl band” comedy written by Jennifer Crittenden? She was in her 20′s in the grunge era and wrote some of the better Simpsons and latter day Seinfeld episodes, but I can’t envision this being very good. Hadn’t given it much thought until now.

  15. The only way this would be remotely interesting, would be if Dan Harmon were at the helm.

    This will probably be as broad and terrible as the Big Bang Theory.

  16. Scene 2
    DAD: What’s that smell out there?

    If that’s not in the pilot they’re diluting the vision

  17. If they had named it “Breed”, I might’ve been more inclined to watch.

  18. Smells like cancelled.

  19. Kurt cobain loved sitcoms. I read an interview once where he goes off on awesome married with children was. In fact he also liked to watch Martin and that show Blossom.

  20. This show is based off of another show put out two years earlier. It gained critical attention but not as much mainstream appeal, it was called “Debaser” or something.

  21. Please let his best friend be named Boner.

  22. “Fury Little Things, weeknights this fall on NBC”

  23. I am totally disappointed by this premise. If I was a coked up TV exec I would have pitched the show as a comedy about a 30 something slacker who never got over grunge who is visited by the ghost of Kurt Cobain who gives him life advice. Cobain would appear at really inopportune times and freak out our hero but invitably save the day. At the end of each episode, Courtney Love turns up and takes a shit in the corner.

  24. I think we’re all waiting for the Insesticide spinoff about the lovable family of inbred exterminators living right down the street.

  25. The worst thing about Courtney Love surviving doing all that coke and heroin is the fact she is now in control of Kurt’s estate. I am not naive enough to think if Kurt Cobain were alive today he wouldn’t be collaborating on tracks for movie soundtracks with retards like Avril Lavigne, but I doubt he’d let his song’s title be used on a sitcom.

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