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  • Sky Ferreira On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 1/7/13
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Sky Ferreira

During her attempted career as a conventional top-40 type, Sky Ferreira never made it as far as a late-night TV performance. Instead, she had to reinvent herself as a dead-eyed stoner-pop queen and link up with Dev Hynes, a makeover that resulted in the great single “Everything Is Embarrassing.” And last night, she made that late-night debut, singing the song on Fallon while the Roots backed her up and clouds of dry ice wafted up from the floor. It’s easy to be cynical about something like that, but Ferreira has some serious presence, and she cut an imposing and fierce figure on the stage last night. This is one of those Fallon performances that you should definitely watch, and it’s below.

Ferreira’s Ghost EP is out now on Capitol.

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  1. regrettably pitchy performance IMO :(

  2. chances are if youre both on this page you watched the same show!!

  3. I liked it. She’s on the right track.

  4. Such a damned good song.

  5. I like the song but she looks a little…furious?

  6. considering she was like 14 when she started as a top40 style pop artist, i think we can give her the benefit of the doubt about her evolution in taste and style without the bitchy snark.

  7. That is not a good performance are you crazy?! She was in pitch 15% this could be due to bad monitoring though. Still the good singers would do it anyway. The roots look like they are being held hostage at her sweet sixteen party. Daddy I want the Roots to back me!!! I WANT THEM I WANT THEM I WANT THEM. O.k anything for my little princess.

  8. It was.. alright. Great track, but defs 4 defs missing some theatricality. I mean, papa dondon isn’t one to judge b/c he would probs (defs) do this:

  9. Pics from her Dec Mercury Lounge show-she was surprisingly good/musical!i=2246340851&k=RkWDhbZ

  10. Selena Gomez went blonde? Go girl!

  11. She looks like a Mogwai from the movie Gremlins.

  12. I think she did good. There were certain parts that were a little pitchy but it was her first live tv performance. I think we can all agree that she didn’t do a Lana Del Rey

  13. She was really intense and giving it everything, shame the band had nothing creative to propose, such a great song, but once again, rather see her in the real world, I bet this song rocks.

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