Waka Flocka Flame & Gucci Mane

Amidst all the news and conjecture about Lil Wayne’s health, another major rap story is exploding tonight. Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame — friends, frequent collaborators for years, and partners in the 1017 Brick Squad crew — are apparently embarking on what could be a bitter feud.

About an hour again, Gucci tweeted this: “Waka flacka flames officially dropped off brick squad 1017. Big Guwop say give me a offer fa this disloyal lil nigga.” Flocka reportedly Tweeted back, “Somebody tell Gucci Mane 2 SUCK A DICK.” He’s since deleted that tweet, though, and replaced it with this: “We BSM.” Also, this: “Can’t tweet beef #HucciKnowHowIrOck.”

Gucci and Flocka have had problems in the past; Flocka’s mother Debra Antney used to manage Gucci, and they’ve gone through periods where they haven’t been speaking to each other, but it’s been nothing like this. From the way things look, Brick Squad, a rap crew that’s been absolutely on fire lately, is in serious danger of shattering into pieces.

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  1. This is a shitty friday for Rap news

  2. We need The Based God to get these two together and give them some counseling. Beef is bad. Unless it’s corned beef, because that’s delicious.

  3. What does bsm even mean? I googled to no avail…

  4. Obviously, if a rap crew is on fire, their structural integrity is quickly degrading and you can expect some sort of collapse, but they definitely would not shatter unless they were pulverized by some large, blunt object.

  5. Team Waka!!! I recently complimented Tom’s recent mixtape choices and would like to amend that – everything Gucci’s put out recently has been shite.

    I don’t know how BSM could implode. Seems like they’ve got like 30 benchwarmers/true thugs who lay down SICK verses on their roster, all with amusingly silly names.

    And is Fat Trel on No Limit or something? Dude’s on like every one of the tracks on P’s recent tape, I think uncredited.

    There could easily be 3 sick labels between Gucci’s squad, Waka’s squad, Future/Freeband squad and No Limit (incl Fat Trel) – there sure as hell seems to be a ton of intersection b/w all of em already. Shoutout Young Thug that guy is an Autotune messiah.

    • Young Thug is probably going with Gucci, and I already like Guwop a little more, so I guess I’m team Gucci, but the fact that we need to take sides on this sucks.

      • Well said, I actually hope they resolve this. I’ll give the Guwop tape more of a chance with someone of your stature liking it. And I guess there isn’t really a Waka “SQUUUUAAAAADDDD” besides Wooh Da Kid and Frenchie. All the dudes on 1017 might just be Gucci’s crew who show up on Waka’s ish.

        If this escalated I would be very worried. Gucci is one psychotic, violent mutha (“Hard To Kill!!!”) and Waka ran with dudes like Slim Dunk (R.I.P.). Shit could get to 2Pac/Biggie level quickly.

        • Yeah, I don’t know how you’re defining recent, but Trap Back was awesome. The track he did with Waka on that tape, “Walking Lick” along with “Get it Back” have both been on repeat for me at multiple points over the year, and the sequel just came out tonight, though I have yet to give it a full listen. Also the single he came out with recently “Hell Yes”, had Gucci trying out the Future/Young Thug sort of auto-tune style, and it actually fits pretty well to my ears. But yeah, my biggest fear is that they both could escalate this to levels where it ends in some crazy violent shit and someone gets hurt. I guess Gucci has had plenty of beefs before that haven’t ended up too bad, but a defection/firing from his own crew is a lot more intense than any of that.

          • Yeah man, I just can’t get into Gucci’s recent lethargic flow, and the beats just haven’t done anything for me, going back to Trap Back and I’m Up.. all just really slow and dull to my ears. Re the label thing, I remember when Ruff Ryders, Cash Money, No Limit, and Rocafella all had sick rosters with their own unique styles. There aren’t huge, or even remotely visible aesthetic differences b/w all the rappers/crews I mentioned above, but I love the idea of different groups of rappers competing with eachother.

    • Also, the thing you bring up about how you could easily make a great label reminds me: what the fuck happened to great Southern rap labels? I mean now, when Rap has least pop crossover it’s had in years, is exactly the time where we need a Rap-A-Lot or a No Limit to let these dudes sell their music on their own terms instead of having to deal with major label bullshit.

  6. http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2013/03/gucci-manes-management-claims-his-twitter-account-was-hacked/

    Gucci’s management is claiming he was hacked. Hopefully this means they’ll resolve differences rather than beefing.

  7. First Gucci and Flocka break up, now every day I wake up…

  8. Apparently Waka & Gucci are beefing over Selena Gomez. This world just gets more and more bizarre by the day.

  9. Waka – dude, that ice cream cone on ur face is 2tally ghey
    Gucci – bro, ur name is like uber lame n ur rapping sux


  10. ok understandably waka but gucci mane name lame and his rapping sux
    look adam antine who ever or what the f ever yo name is. u just mad cause u an’t got no gucci to wear.
    ok ur opinion gucci music sucks right where yo music at . u disliking cause u probably can’t right one fucking verse to song . hahahaha kml at yo dum ass

    • Shall we engage in a rap battle to prove who is the top dog at making certain words rhyme in a generally insulting manner using various relevant pop culture references and pointing out personal defects to prove our general superiority? I would be happy to oblige you if you so desire. My command of the English language has been improving and I’ve read some great literary works to arm me with a vast global cultural understanding and a rather prodigious vocabulary.

      I also wanted to clarify my post in case it was confusing in any way. It was a hypothetical tete-a-tete where Waka was descrying Gucci’s questionable choice of tattoo and Gucci was pointing out the lack of masculine merits in Waka’s moniker and making a harsh critique of his ability to rhyme words in an effective manner.

  11. Hers what the deal is. I dont give a fuck if this nigga cant read a finacial statement to save his life. This boy is murber on the mic. Wockas mom snaked the shit out this nigga! Shes not stupid,Gucci has a gift! so when the money comes in, if your not on point a nigga will tear that ass to pieces. Wocka has nothing on this boy jeezy is totally imtimadated by gucci. Gucci is the truth. i dont give a fuck how many drugs this nigga does. Wocka is the one that changed. give wocka prompts he reckonized beats and thre some puck ass leriacs over them. If yall was staight raw you would sit down and discuss what went wrong. but niggas cant cause their motherfuckin egos and their narcissistic personalities get in the way. All you dumb fucks got to do is say i forgive you but your not christians! so go head and let white boys tear your assholes to pieces. Its a family fight. Jacob revealed to his brothers that he was going to be king and they treid to have him KILLED! We have a special relationship with christ(not white jesus) whake your punk asses up! and stop letting the kk and nazis win!

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