Diarrhea Planet

Earlier this month, the charmingly monikered triple-guitar Nashville punk monster Diarrhea Planet played at the Brooklyn DIY venue Shea Stadium. And at the show, their friend and frequent tourmate Patrick Stickles, frontman of Titus Andronicus, joined them onstage to cover Bruce Springsteen’s immortal “Born To Run,” a song Stickles has already referenced in song. “Born To Run” is great in any context, but when it’s a mass punk-show singalong, it’s somehow even greater. Watch video below.

(via Titus Andronicus’s blog, where you can find videos from the Diarrhea Planet show)

Based on this video, those of us who have routinely skipped Diarrhea Planet shows because of the band’s name have been fucking up. Apologies, Diarrhea Planet.

Comments (5)
  1. Everyone has been fucking up.

  2. Damn right y’all been fucking up

  3. triple-guitar?!?

    don’t sell the bros short

    there are FOUR guitars shredding in that video.

    and yes, you have all been fucking up.

  4. Diarrhea Planet rules.

  5. Thank fuck this finally exists! I can’t be the only one wanting to hear Patrick Stickles singing Springsteen?

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