Kanye West - "New Slaves"

Tonight Kanye West premiered “New Slaves,” the first single from his forthcoming LP, by projecting a video on buildings across the world. His site includes a map of times and locations for those projections, 66 in all. It’s the same song Hudson Mohawke spun in Poland recently. Earlier this month, the rapper previewed new material at the Met Ball and Adult Swim’s upfront, but decent recordings from those events have been scarce. Tonight’s launch was better documented. Watch the full video (as it appeared on a building in Brooklyn) and a Vine below.

Kanye performs on the season finale of Saturday Night Live this weekend. His album is reportedly out 6/18.

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  2. woozefa  |   Posted on May 18th, 2013 0

    Hudson Mohawke! Ha!

  3. the best part of New Slaves (from 02:39) is a the megahit of the Hungarian superband Omega, the original is called Girl with pearly hair and it can be found on their 10 0000 steps album from 1969, in 1995 the song was covered already by Scorpions, called White Dove.


  4. Kanye’s an angry man. It’s a hard life.

  5. Nobody knows what it means, but it’s provocative!

  6. Kanye is becoming more fashion rap than hip hop and I for one think it’s a big step down. Sure it’s still pretty good, but it’s Kanye so it should be great.

    Album of “White Dress”s > Album of “Mercy”s and “Clique”s

    • I agree about that, but it feels to me like this song is the sound of Kanye moving away from the fashion rap, stripping down the beat into this sparse sort of sound (which is good because his beats have gotten way too busy over the past few years), and just ranting about all of the bullshit that pisses him off.

  7. I really hope slavery isn’t something that becomes stylish.

  8. Ye is constantly pushing himself and putting himself out there…bottom line. The smartest people are usually the most polarizing. I. Love. It.

    • LOL. Wut? He grew up an in suburban Chicago; the spoiled child of two successful parents. His mom didn’t grow up facing any issues with water; in fact, he was surrounded by wealthy black business owners at conferences his mother facilitated. Kanye is a poser. Nothing more, nothing less. He attaches himself to people and things for publicity and celebrity. Always has, always will.

      If not for dopey white hipsters and kids in the burbs, nobody would care.

  9. I’m calling it. This will be the first mediocre Kanye album.

  10. More Whine Kanye?

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    • *are re:typo

      PS. I dare anyone to put a proposition banning “medicinal SSRIs” “medicinal amphetamines” or “medicinal oxycontin” on the ballot in ANY state in this country. They would likely NOT pass.

      …I only bring this up to demonstrate the level of hypocrisy and the power of special interests in our nation.

      • It’s about time someone addressed the notorious pro-war-on-drugs faction of the Stereogum community.

        • The point is not to convert the Stereogum community to a anti-drug war stance. We’re there. I get that.

          I’m saying we should start describing the DEA and the CCA as akin to “monsters” , “kidnappers” and “predators” along the lines of Ariel Castro.

          What’s the point?

          … to expand and distort the “window of acceptable dialogue” or something like that…

          • That kind of language seems more likely to alienate ordinary people and delegitimize your position in their eyes—which is cool and all when it comes to art, but counterproductive when it comes to social reform.

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    • Awww Corky, I’ve missed you too.

  12. The lyrics to this song are really shit.

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  14. I didn’t dig this so much, but this “Black Skinhead” track he debuted on SNL is just awesome. http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/kanye-west-black-skinhead/n36982


  16. Kanye West doesn’t care abt white ppl.


  17. I guess it’s cool to be conscious this week is it? You know, just like it used to be cool to rap about how rich you are? For ‘cool’ read ‘marketable’ by the way.

  18. really love the vocals that come in @ 2:40

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