Boards Of Canada - "Reach For The Dead"

After all the feints and subterfuge and precisely-engineered hype, Tomorrow’s Harvest, the first album that Scottish downtempo heroes Boards Of Canada have made in eight years, is imminent. And now, we finally get to hear a studio track from it. “Reach For The Dead” is an ominous, humming instrumental drone-piece with just a few hints of the sad nostalgia that the group used to radiate. Until the glitchy drums kick in two-thirds of the way through, it sounds like something that would be playing on the score of a great ’80s sci-fi movie when the heroes discover something wondrous and terrifying. Listen to it below.

UPDATE: Here’s the video:

Tomorrow’s Harvest is out 6/10 on Warp.

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  1. My happiness has increased ten-fold

  2. Their web site has a nice video to go along with the track. Worth checking out.

  3. Man oh man oh man oh man. Oh man.

  4. Oh my they’re back!

    I’m guessing “Gemini” will be some sort of intro track and his will be the official first track of the album, like “Music Is Math” on Geogaddi.

    Ahhhhhhh, so happy right now.

  5. Between Jai Paul, After Dark 2, and now this, it’s been such a great spring for electronic music.

    • Yeah I’m still jamming After Dark 2, there are some GREAT cuts on that comp.

      Based on your avatar and the rare outside chance of new Avalanches surfacing this year, you could end up having a phenomenal year in music :)

  6. Goddamn 2013, you are killing me with the awesome music.

  7. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never really listend to Boards of Canada. I’ve respected their legacy, and adore many artists directly influenced by them, but for some reason have never gotten to the source.

    I think it is time.


      There are many ways to go to get into Boards of Canada. Many will say “Music Has the Right to Children” and others will say “Geogaddi”

      But I was introduced to BoC by a friend who put a copy of the “Hi Scores EP” on my external hard drive 6 years ago. I love EPs as introductions too because it’s not too much new music at once. Especially since the two albums I mentioned above are DENSE albums. (But the greatest too!)

      SO give it a whirl! It contains my favorite BoC song “Nlogax” and also the wonderful closer “Everything You Do Is A Balloon”. Not to mention the track “June 9th” which is EERILY close to the release date of Tomorrow’s Harvest.

      It’s also one of their earliest releases. One year after “Twoism” (which full disclosure I haven’t heard, should I?) and even contains “Turquoise Hexagon Sun” which is on “Music Has the Right…” so that’s cool too.

      p.s. that dancing game boy is making me happier :)

  8. Anybody know where this video was shot? A lot of it looks like New Mexico…

  9. At some point around the 2 minute mark my brain slid out through my left ear.

  10. So Awesome! This made my day. And I needed it. Thanks BOC.

  11. Sooooooo this song backwards is better than a lot of songs forwards.

  12. Just caught a stream of some of that abandoned water park listening party shiz. Loving the first few tracks.

  13. Can’t wait for the album, My Bower & Wilkins P5s are ready to spend some serious time with this!

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