Swedish dream-pop duo jj have returned with their first new material since rap-inspired High Summer EP with this swooning conga drums-and-strings track “Fågelsången,” our first view into what’s to come. They’ve also launched a website, which will function as a place to get information about and tunes from the release with an adorable note that refers to the Internet as, “this place wehre souls meet and dreams die,” as well as the world wide web, a name that I am totally in favor of bringing back. Take a listen to the gorgeous and warm track and watch a trailer for their new material.

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  1. Every time I listen to jj, I yearn for a tropical island and a hammock.

  2. I’m pretty disappointed (but when it comes to jj, my expectations run high). A whole year of waiting and this is it? The melody is super weak. Her voice sounds like she’s been smoking way too many cigarettes and is barely even trying. WTF. I honestly thought High Summer wasn’t very good either (with the exception of a couple songs), but I’ve been in denial thinking they’d get back to top form. I’ll wait to hear more, but I’m bummed. I think No One Can Touch Us Tonight/Ice was kind of their more recent apex and it’s been pretty much downhill ever since.

    PS, If that video is really a trailer, it sure doesn’t give much away.

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