Beck - "I Won't Be Long"

Beck has lately been working on a new acoustic album, the follow-up to his 2012 sheet music affair Song Reader. But lately, he’s debuted a couple of decidedly non-acoustic songs, so who even knows what he’s up to. Last month, he shared a pillowy, synth-heavy new track called “Defriended.” And now he’s announced plans for another single. “I Won’t Be Long” is a similarly soft and luxuriant affair; it’s the sort of immaculately recorded affair that could soundtrack a movie montage about someone driving a convertible up the Pacific Coast Highway. Give it a listen below.

“I Won’t Be Long” is out 7/8 as a 45-rpm 12″ single, and its B-side is a 15-minute extended version of the song. Pre-order it here.

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  1. Beck has kind of fallen off of my radar since the Guero days. The Record Club stuff, while interesting, proved to be kind of a drag and left me wanting to hear the real albums. “I Won’t Be Long” seems to be Beck’s answer to the Real Estates, DIIVs and Beach Fossils of this world (particularly towards the end of the song). I really enjoy this.

    • where are you hearing real estate in this??

      P.S. Real Estate beats the bag out of those cheap knock-offs :)

    • I guess I’m just getting that vibe from the guitar tones and the toned down lyrics. Instead of hitting us with a bajillion things at once, as Beck has been known to do, he’s giving us with an understated, yet pleasant melody, tasteful guitar flourishes, and a nice little guitar groove that continues throughout the song. No crazy orchestral interlude; no bat-shit crazy effects. Instead of the guitars being front and center, it’s the vocals, so I get why my comparison probably sucks. *On a side note: I agree with you, sir. I’m a huge fan of Real Estate. (I don’t get why they are always compared to the Feelies).*

  2. Anyone else hearin Alan Parsons??? Beck’s the eye in the sky, looking at youuuuuu, he can read your mind.

  3. man, i like this song and defriended. good stuff.

  4. oh shit yeah!

  5. MBV, QUOTSA, Black Sabbath, Daft Punk, M.I.A., Pixies, Bowie, The Strokes, Beck – so many great artists returning this year with their best music in awhile.

  6. Beck, you are beautiful as always! Love your voice and am so excited to see you in concert for the FIRST time in Portland, Maine. Wahoo! Thanks for coming closer to my home in VT. xo

  7. I’ve over-commented in this post already, but it bears repeating that this song is fucking awesome

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