Girl Talk

Listening to some of this summer’s bigger songs, about a million listeners have drawn some quick conclusions: Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” sounds like Michael Jackson, Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” sounds like Marilyn Manson. And at a recent show in Charlotte, mash-up master Girl Talk made those connections a little bit more concrete, blending “Get Lucky” with Jackson’s “Remember The Time” and “Black Skinhead” with Manson’s “The Beautiful People.” Check out some great-sounding video of the two remixes below.

One of you laptop DJs should throw a bunch of MJ vocals over all of Random Access Memories; that one sounded pretty great.

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    • Yeah well, we don’t need you anymore either, and we let you live.

    • that was a dumb thing to say.

    • I don’t even like mashups but Girl Talk is pretty great.

    • Oh my god it’s a pile-on. I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to insinuate that you can’t still play Girl Talk at totally awesome bar mitzvahs and beer pong parties! You totally can! It’s just both of these pairings were essentially predicted by quick Youtubers and the back catalog of classic rock that GT relies has already been chewed through. Postmodernism eats itself! The problem with Girl Talk [and Hood Internet] is that it’s a kind of race for the continent acquisition world, and there are only so many catchy Ludcris raps and Boston guitar licks. There’s going to be a point of diminishing returns with Girl Talk, and I think Feed the Animals already turned that corner. If you guys are really excited to hear Daft Punk paired with Michael Jackson again [or to hear Get Lucky done in a different way], that’s totes chill pass me a Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

    • I agree with you man. This is not an art form. It’s like someone cutting up a Picasso, rearranging it and calling it yours.

      …but people seem to like it. I just don’t get it.

  2. I think we need MORE Girl Talk. Miss this dude.

  3. Girl Talk has the ability to mix songs that I hate and make it into something i enjoy.

  4. Has anyone else seen him live? It was one of the funnest and greatest shows I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know I could dance like that.

    • I got to dance on stage one time at Wakarusa for his show because I was in a boy scout uniform and with two hot chicks. I was physically exhausted halfway through the set, a sweaty monster by the time it was over.

      Good time.

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  6. Waiting for The Weeknd/Portishead mash-up now.

    Oh wait…

  7. I like turtles.

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