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It has been reported that singer and songwriter J.J. Cale died on Friday, July 26, after a heart attack. Cale was an influential songwriter for musicians like Eric Clapton and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Throughout his career, some of his biggest hits were “Cocaine” and “After Midnight,” both performed by Eric Clapton. He also wrote “Call Me The Breeze,” which would eventually be performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and wrote several songs that were made famous by Santana, the Allman Brothers, and Johnny Cash. “JJ Cale was loved by fans worldwide for his completely unpretentious and beautiful music,” said Mike Kappus, president of his management agency, according to CNN. “He was loved even more dearly by all those he came in contact with as the most real and down-to-earth person we all knew.”

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  1. snarfblat  |   Posted on Jul 27th, 2013 +2

    sad news. one of my first jobs was working as assistant to a record producer in l.a. and i got to meet jj, along with a bunch of other great people, at a studio called o’henry in burbank. super friendly, humble, great guy.

  2. a loss. plain and simple. most people know his songs and they don’t know they do. they know after midnight by eric clapton, but they don’t know the slow, sexy heat that was the original by this man. i can’t tell you how many hot nights in the south i’ve put on troubadour, or okie, or any of his albums and just existed. because that’s what his music let you do: exist. it was so simple, and laid back, and perfect. jj cale is a weird portion of music: he’s the guy that other people got famous for doing his songs, and they don’t know he exists for the most part. AND HE LOVED IT THAT WAY. he never made it his ambition to be mega famous or rich. he just loved playing his songs. he’s even more velvet underground than the velvet underground. those that listened to him were already in famous bands, and they all flocked to him to see what he was doing. this is a loss. i’ll never forget the first time i heard him. it was halloween night in charleston, s.c., many many years ago. his sly voice came up over his music, an instantly i was hooked. he was heartbroken, a heartbreaker, sexy, lost, found, and every thing in between.

    this really hit me. i’ve been a huge fan of jj’s. if you’ve never heard his version of after midnight, if you only know the eric clapton version, listen to his. it’s hot, full of sweat, and slooooow. it’s what it’s like after midnight.

    his input in the 70′s is virtually flawless. from naturally on into shades, there’s not one clunker. not one. and it all sounds so effortless. because it was for him. his talent did us a service.

    good night, mr. cale.

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