Camera Obscura - "Break It To You Gently" Video

Scottish indie-pop band Camera Obscura dropped a new album, Desire Lines, in June, and have now released a video for that album’s single “Break It To You Gently,” in which a runaway shopping trolley takes a rolling tour of (what I assume is) Glasgow. At one point, the carriage has a run-in with a dog on wheels — perhaps a reference to countrymen and old pals Belle & Sebastian? I hope so. As you might expect, the clip is cute as hell, absolutely befitting the sweet, melancholic track. Check it out.

Desire Lines is out now via 4AD.

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  1. Um, Camera Obscura is from Glasgow.

    • Gahhh! Of course I meant Scottish not Swedish (as my later references to Glasgow and countrymen Belle & Sebastian might have suggested). I have amended the text to erase my error from historical record. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Yep, that should be *Scottish* indie-pop band.

  3. Milk boy approves of this message.

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