Cloud Nothings

Last year, Cloud Nothings released Attack On Memory, one of the year’s best and rawest straight-up indie rock records. But during a recent visit to Vienna, Austria, frontman Dylan Baldi presented a new song in a decidedly different way: Playing it acoustic on the sidewalk of an outdoor square. The song has the working title “Psychic Trauma,” and if and when it’s ever released, it’ll presumably take very different form. (We actually heard the non-acoustic version at SXSW.) For now, though, it’s a nifty little song, and you can watch the video below.

(via They Shoot Music)

I don’t think anyone would say no to a new Cloud Nothings album right about now.

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  1. You guys actually posted a link to a live full band version of this song at SWSX this year. It sounds great both ways!

  2. Cloud Nothings are among my new go to best of indie bands. Very nice tune.

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