Man, this new Nine Inch Nails record is gonna be something else, huh? Trent Reznor just dropped another track from the forthcoming Hesitation Marks, this one called “Find My Way” — which follows “Came Back Haunted,” “Copy Of A,” and “Everything” — and none of them sound anything alike. Honestly, none of them sound like they belong on the same album. I’m sure in context it won’t be so jarring, but presented as they have been, these tracks give almost no indication what to expect from the other 10 songs on the album. “Find My Way” is bedroom-ambient Trent, a lot more like How To Destroy Angels than Pretty Hate Machine (or the PHM-esque “Came Back Haunted”). The song premiered on Zane Lowe’s BBC show earlier today, and you can stream a rip below.

If that comes down, check it out here. Just scroll to about 43:40 and let it roll.

Hesitation Marks is out 9/3 on Columbia.

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  1. I’m totally loving it. Find My Way has been a good addition to tour roster thus far.

  2. I think it’s the best from Hesitation Marks that I’ve heard so far. Been a Nails fan since ’96 and was expecting a very abrasive record, but I can relish these more dreamy glitch style tracks. Still hope though that the rest of the record is sonic overload and intense.

  3. It’s about time NIN covered Rush!

  4. Had to re-post again. This so far is the best track they’ve released off Hesitation Marks. It’s got the vibe of The Slip mixed with The Fragile’s slower movements. It’s hard to believe that “Everything” and this are on the same album.Total polar ends of the spectrum.Wow. Anyway, this track is a great one and if the album can measure up to this, then greatness awaits.

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