Any RuPaul fan worth his or her salt knows that for years his tagline has been “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” But that’s not the only love-related advice he’s proffering. In a recent episode of webseries RuPaul Drives…, in which the drag pioneer gives rides in L.A. to hitchhikers, friends, and celebrities, Henry Rollins is the passenger. Ru beseeches him to open himself up to love, suggesting that he give romance a shot even though Rollins considers himself a failure at it for “not trying hard enough.” The whole thing is really lovely and it’s totally mind-blowing that the two are friends. Check out the video below.

(via BUST)

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  1. It’s really unfortunate it didn’t working between Danzig and him.

  2. I know he’s supposed to actually be a really nice guy, but the whole time I’m just waiting for Rollins to punch RuPaul right in the face and start screaming at him unintelligibly.

  3. I love the fact that as successful as RuPaul is he still drives an older model volvo. Very cool.

  4. This was funny and cool. What is wif the b&w to color editing? I kinda like it.

  5. There is no “trying” in a relationship. Either it fits, or it doesn’t. It’s like a coat. Either it works for you, or it doesn’t. If you have to work hard at a relationship, it’s because you are not compatible. The only solution is to move on until it does work.

    You have to be kind, considerate, understanding and all the things that make a decent human being. You have to be able to care for yourself and have the capacity to care for someone else. However, once you have all the pieces in place on your end, you cannot make a relationship work.

    I was single for a long time, dating for a few months here and there. I finally met someone and it has been so easy for the past few years. Being with him is just natural. I don’t even count the months anymore. There is no “working” at the relationship, it just happens. Of course, I try to be kind and generous and accommodating, but that’s not “work”. If you really care about someone, those desires come naturally.

    If you want to tell me relationships are hard and you have to work at them, I will tell you that you are in the wrong relationship. Either you are not ready to be with anybody, or this person is not right for you.

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