Donna Summer - Love To Love You Donna

The late-’70s disco singles that Donna Summer made with Giorgio Moroder were all titanic pop hits, and they also helped make the world safe for chilly, stretching-into-infinity electronic production. (And, I suppose I should point out, they were amazing songs.) On the new compilation Love To Love You Donna, a host of dance-music luminaries pay the favor back at least a little bit, remixing those classic Summer tracks. Chromeo & Oliver, Holy Ghost!, and Moroder himself are among the contributors. And below, we’ve got a stream of the eight-minute “dub edit” reworking that Hot Chip gave Summer’s incandescent 1979 single “Sunset People,” stretching the song out into a deeper, more relaxed groove.

Love To Love You Donna is out 10/22 on Verve. Pre-order here.

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  1. Love it!

  2. Yes, very nice!

  3. I really like it, it’s like coming to the best times of Donna, I hope she will its approval from the sky.

  4. It will be number 1# in Billboard dance! I’m sure!!

    • I think “Hot Stuff”, “Love To Love You, Baby”, and “Sunset People” will make it to #1. But, we shall see because, you never know.

  5. aYUP I like this, good on you.

  6. Delightful! Not like the remix of On The Radio you recently posted

  7. Love the mix. Odd, I feel as if Donna’s spirit is once again reaching us. And I’m so excited about the new album forthcoming.

  8. Funny how a dark, moody synthesizer can make this sound totally different. LOVE IT SO MUCH!

  9. I love this version. I’m glad it’s an edit because I think it’s too short and ends too soon. I expect the beat to come back in at the end of it.

  10. This whole project, by all means is a very progressive,bold,creative, Come on Donna Summer fans, The Diva herself always extended her MUSIC to the audience with new sounds. So far I am enjoying it all! Lets stop Donna’s music from growing with input from the DJ’s who are inspired by the QUEEN

  11. Oh, how I wish Donna had really worked with Hot Chip when she was alive. This is just so great. It’s been a while since I loved a remix this much.

  12. What the hell is the CRAP at the beginning? This USED TO BE a high NGR song – they reworked it and sucked the life out of it……

    So sad to see that they’re just cranking out mixes that I don’t think Donna would have liked at all. You can alter and strip a song too much…and don’t get me started on Moroder – while genius, he is laughing all the way to the bank and not caring one ounce. There was a magic to the original song – this slows down the temple and take the urgency out of the original and makes it BLAND.

    I will always love Donna, as a child of the 70′s her music, on vinyl, cassette, and even 8 track was the soundtrack of my youth….this might as well have Miley F’ing Cyrus on vocals..STOP MESSING WITH PERFECTION!


    this is what it should sound more like…..PERFECTION from her 1979 TV special – HIGH ENERGY and her vocals….not some BS voiceover CRAP

  14. This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! I love remixes and it brings new fans. I remember one fan ripped apart the remix of To Paris with Love and said he thought Donna would be offended by it. Funny thing is… SHE loved it so much, she sang the remix version at her concerts:) A remix is a remix and it couldnt possibly take away from the original.. Its impossible. I cherish the classics but embrace the new ones for the obvious reasons. It = club noise which = chart noise which = new fans = unreleased material and the possiblity of sales of her classics. I think this album will be huge. The Moroder remix of LTLYB is incredible as well. Giorgio will certainly go to the bank with this project and so will Donna’s estate. She was the writer of MOST of the songs that are being used for this project. I for one want MORE:)

  15. Ta bueno..!!

  16. I like Hot Chip, but this is appalling!!! Donna Summer deserves so much more than that.

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