Sky Ferreira & Zachary Cole Smith Mugshots

DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith may be taking this whole Kurt Cobain fetishization a little bit too far. The Daily Freeman reports that Smith and his girlfriend and frequent collaborator Sky Ferreira were both arrested in Saugerties, New York on Friday night. The charges were all misdemeanors, but Smith had “plastic bag containing 42 decks of heroin,” or $420 worth.

As Pitchfork points out, the charges are as follows: “criminal possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest” for Ferreira and “two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance, one count of possession of stolen property and one count of aggravated unlicensed driving” and also “violations of unregistered motor vehicle, driving without insurance, unlicensed driver, and having an inadequate exhaust system” for Smith. Their truck was pulled over after Smith, who was driving, made several infractions, and police found out that he had an outstanding vehicle and traffic warrant, and the tags on his truck were stolen. Ferreira had ecstasy on her.

The two were released on bail, and the very next night, DIIV performed at BasilicaSoundScape, a small music festival in Hudson, New York that former Stereogum dude Brandon Stosuy helped put together. Ferreira joined DIIV onstage for a cover of Cat Power’s “Nude As The News“; check out a video of that performance below.

That video makes something very clear: These two are extremely talented. Here’s hoping they stay safe and take care of themselves.

UPDATE: Zachary Cole Smith tweeted this Monday afternoon:

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  1. they’re really swingin for the kurt & courtney fences on this one.

  2. I’m less worried about the heroin than the fact this motherfucker didn’t have a driver’s license –– given that he’s apparently really bad at driving and all. Do the rest of the population a solid and hit up a driver’s ed class, ok?

    But seriously, though I wish these kids well and stuff, this Zachary Cole Smith is kind of a hilarious joke of a person. Did anyone else read that Pitchfork interview he did a few months back? Oh man… that thing’s off the charts on the unintentional comedy scale. Also there’s this wonderful quote I just found on DIIV’s Wikipedia page: “everybody in the band is a water sign, that’s kind of why the name Dive really spoke to us all.” …. and I’m dying of laughter.

  3. im not sure how clear that video displays their talents.

  4. is that video clip supposed to show us how “extremely talented” they are?

    • I also don’t see why DIIV is a big deal… i mean, their record really wasn’t that bad, but it’s still just a rip off of that same 80′s/90s/post-punk/shoegaze thing that everyone’s already been doing.

      • It doesn’t matter what a rock band is doing stylistically. I enjoy the watershed moments in rock, but really, there are maybe five of them. 99% of the time it’s about, “How good are these songs?” Not that I’m in love with DIIV…see below.

      • Agreed. Tho if someone could point to a recording of theirs that’s worthwhile I’d check it. Their track on a gum mix from backaways was obnoxiously boring and bad.

        • To be clear: I don’t have a problem necessarily with showcasing one’s influences; a lot of people do it. But when there’s a lack of anything new and creative brought to the table, the easiest criticism is to say they’re just ripping off a sound and doing little else, because that’s ultimately what it is. Every song on DIIV’s album sounds exactly the same to me. Exceptions are always to be made though, if someone can write a good song, and I’m not deaf to that. Like I said, they’re not terrible.

          But either way, greater efforts should be made by bands to establish their own unique voices, and not the voices of “everyone else.”

  5. Okay, I have a few things to say. First of all, since when is heroin possession a misdemeanor? Second, shouldn’t DIIV’s music be a lot better than it is before things like this start happening? Third, Mr. Cobain would never wear a denim shirt. Get it together, kid.

  6. This takes nothing away from their music, but who else saw this drug-fueld trainwrecking coming? It was inevitable. What worries me is their relationship. Zach says Sky saved his life, but these two seem way too co-dependent on each other that it makes you fear what might happen if anything ever falls apart between the two or if their extreme co-dependence will only exasperate destructive situations like this. I didn’t even know people still did heroin. One junkie can easily bring down the other, but let’s hope both take better care of themselves instead of going down a dark road together.

    • Actually, I shouldn’t give Sky so much credit. It’s Blood Orange, Ariel Rechstaid and Jon Brion who should get most of the credit for her sound and career. They could have written those songs for any other indie-fied pop star and probably still have them work.

      • Ariel’s name is all over Charli’s new LP too. That guy is on a roll this year.

      • That’s not fair. Sky’s name is credited as a co-writer on every song that those guys are. She’s been fighting all of this time to not be looked at as the face of other people’s music, but as an actual artist with a vision and a say in what’s going on. She hates when Dev performs “Everything Is Embarrassing” without her, and it’s these precise reasons why that song isn’t on her album. Try not to be fooled by her beginnings as a “label manufactured pop tart”.

        Give her some credit. She’s no Fiona Apple, but she’s not fucking Milli Vinilli either (shoutout to Milli Vinilli).

  7. extremely talented,that may be the shitiest thing i”ve ever heard,absolutely pish

    • In fairness it was a live performance, but some of her singing sounded like Ashlee Simpson. I havn’t checked out their studio stuff. Drugs destroy, kids. That’s the truth. Hope they don’t go down that ghost train and ruin their careers and lives.

  8. So dude can afford nearly half a G of smack but can’t spend a 115 bucks bucks on a license and a damn plate.

  9. Saw Sky Ferreria once. ONCE. One of the worst shows I’ve ever seen. Granted the potential is kinda low on her to begin with, but the word over-rated barely begins to describe her. The music landscape is a little prettier (funny enough) when she stays silent.

  10. C’mon people we all got caught with a ton of smack and E in our 20′s, am I right? …No?

  11. Two of the most grossly overrated acts in music today. DIIV is some of the most unoriginal derivative bullshit to get hyped in the past 5 years.

  12. i didn’t realize sky Ferreira was a performer. i thought she was one of those classic early 90s heroin chic models.

    • I saw her perform once…by perform I mean ask people if they had any oxycontin…

      • I was introduced to her music a few years ago. I don’t know why she’s going this route. Go to YouTube and search her name to see and hear what she can do. It’s a lot better than this video :/

  13. I guess everything really is embarrassing now.

  14. looking at the above picture of the two of them, you’d never know they were on drugs.

  15. this event goes against the personal narrative of this band and its members i hold and for that sole reason i disapprove of it.

  16. I grew up right across the river from Saugerties, and I think it’s fair to say that this dude is a grade-A dumbass. Doing all of this stupid stuff (false license, resisting arrest, stolen plates), and then recklessly driving? How else do you expect small-town cops to react? He’s now entering WAVVES levels of stupidity.

  17. Naw, folks. Diiv is a good band. But agreed, too much hype…and from the amount of dope these two are DRIVING AROUND WITH too much money. rich kids!

  18. What a couple of morons! Are people really this stupid on multiple levels?

  19. First of all, how the fuck is 42 decks of heroine not a fucking felony? By weight, or as possession with intent to sell? I guarantee you if a black man, or ANYONE in a bad neighborhood of a large inner city, was caught with 42 dime bags of WEED they’d have the book thrown at them. So I’m calling hypocritical, bassackwards, bullshit on this one.

    Second, officially, fuck these people! My first response was going to be, “what is Stereogum’s fascination with these people?” Meaning, this couple – I don’t even know who Sky Ferreira is apart from being some woman that a Stereogum contributor obviously has some infatuation with, so they post about her whenever possible. Anyway, I digress, so let me get back to, fuck these people! They aren’t special, or interesting, or, as far as I can tell, even very talented. So they can take their heroine glamorization and just fuck all the way off.

    • Face it, Jerome get more time than Brandon

    • Right? Logic says this should be the end of their careers, but who the hell knows anymore. They’ll probably be given a slap on the wrist or an obligatory rehab run. Smith and Ferreira will then both lie through their teeth and say they’re clean and that they’ve learned their lesson. You can NEVER trust a heroin addict (at least in my experience with one).

  20. Way to become a cliche.

  21. i mean, they clearly fucked up. but i’m pretty shocked at the overwhelming lack of sympathy or concern for them. haters really come out to kick you while you’re down.

    • I have little sympathy for people who get drugged up like that and get behind the wheel of a car that’s not theirs, which thus puts others in danger for their own stupidity and self-indulgences.

    • I get that, but I mean, are they really deserving of sympathy? Or, are these just two incredibly privileged people engaging in incredibly selfish behavior with no outward demonstration of remorse or contrition? I dunno, I like both of these people well enough, but I hate seeing someone waste their talent. Sky Ferreira doesn’t even have an album out, for fuck’s sake.

      • perhaps they’re no more deserving of the sympathy than they are of the abject vitriol being flung in their faces. but i hope for the best for them, as i would for you and me.

    • No. Fuck sympathy. These aren’t some inner city kids or gutter punks who have fuck all else going on in their lives so they decided to try some heroin to experience something other than pain, shit, violence, depression, poverty and whatever other fucked up thing they have going on. These are well-off white kids playing at heroin sheik. Worse, they’re “musicians” who have ENDLESS examples available for where that road leads. They get NO sympathy. None.

  22. This is what cool people look like. So glamorous:

  23. am I so old that I dont know what a deck of H is? Is that some new street lingo?

    • Well there is thing thing that you’re using called “the internet” that is filled with information.

      A deck is just slang for a small bag or heroin. Like on cops when you see somebody with a bunch of small square inside a larger bag, or held together with a rubberband. Those are decks. If you know what you’re “guy” has you can just say something like, “give me five decks”. But these fuckers had FORTY-TWO of them! A deck isn’t going to be less than a gram, which means they had more than an ounce of heroin in their possession. *shakes head*

      • A deck is way less than a gram. Waaaay less.

        Defintiely misdemeanor stuff here. Which, clogging up jails and court systems with low level first time drug offenders is a bad thing, remeber?

        But yeah, those two are bad rock n roll cliche parodies…

  24. Looks like her album is gonna be delayed again. Brilliant.

  25. they look pretty good in those orange jumpsuits. This the new St. Laurent spread? Orange the new Black?

  26. I guess the talent here is having that much heroin and not getting charged with a felony…something must be amiss or they got lucky, because 10% of that would have been a felony in most states…

  27. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • i hope nobody ever kills themselves ever and these two young kids clean themselves up, stop doing hard drugs, get a goddamn drivers license(seriously he’s 28, he’s had 12 years to get it) and actually put out some good albums. you may say i’m a dreamer……

  28. Who is Sky Ferreira?

  29. I’d never thought you be a junkie…

  30. Looks like their careers are about to take a SkyDIIV.

  31. Hardcore drugs like smack suck and if they value their lives they’ll get clean and run when they can. Best to them.

  32. Heroin is such a stupid drug. I can’t help but judge semi-successful-to-successful musicians who do it. They’re attracted to the glamor of pissing their lives away, and are therefore big fucking phonies.

    • I should clarify, since I understand (firsthand) the struggles of addiction… There are SO MANY rock stars who have died from heroin. The ones who have survived have written many a song about how fucking stupid heroin is. I just feel like now is a good time to decide that any musician who pisses his/her life away with heroin doesn’t deserve the martyr status we’ve given to (already too many) rock stars who piss their lives away with heroin.

    • I think these two were attracted to the glamor of pissing away their lives, but that is not the case in every situation. The person they are presumably emulating, Kurt Cobain, was a very depressed person who used substances as a coping mechanism. In 1993, he said on more than one occasion that drugs were a waste of time and bad for your self-esteem.

  33. I actually digg this band as being a fan of Beach Fossils, but their record does nothing to show off the actual talent in the music as it does from seeing them perform live. Much more energy, and doesn’t sound as repetitive, but must admit there is way too much hype surrounding this band, and this next record coming out will either make or break this kid. I just don’t understand why someone would be so reckless while driving around with a little less than a brick of dope especially with the level of “fame” the dude has. All that’s really going to happen to him is a fine, probation, and possibly having to go to an IOP program with required drug tests, and that’s really it, and if he plans on staying out of jail, he sure as hell better go get himself into a methadone clinic or get some suboxone. And it may seem like a lot of heroin, but to a junkie, that would probably only last him a few days. The street value of what he had was $420, but could really be purchased for less than $200 in the NY/NJ area. A word of advice to Mr. Smith, heroin use is not a right of passage in music, and although it may seem like it helps with creativity, and energy, it’s only gonna end up fucking everything up in the long run, so might as well take this as a sign to cut the shit…

  34. Many of you are mistaken. The DIV record is really good.

  35. are they cousins?

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