iPhone 5c

Apple’s iPhone 5C model hits stores on Friday. It’s $100 cheaper than the iPhone 5S because it’s made out of plastic. It also comes in a bunch of bright colors. The first commercial for the 5c — “Plastic Perfected” — is soundtracked by “Rill Rill,” by Sleigh Bells, who also have new product out soon. Back when people watched TV, a song in an Apple ad was a big deal. Watch the spot below.

It even plays Deafheaven:

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  1. Just me, or is this a re-recording of Rill Rill? Sounds somewhere between the original Ring Ring demo and the version that was on Treats.

    • Often, when a song is placed in a commercial, film, or TV show, a new mix and/or edit is created specifically for that placement. That’s probably the case here.

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    • Waaaaah a band I like is making money! How dare they sell out after I illegally downloaded their album two years ago.

      • How dare I have an opinion! And how dare it not be complimentary to your clearly refined sensibilities. I like how you totally missed my point. I have no problem with a band that I like, making money. That must be why I bought both of their previously released full lengths (on vinyl no less, because I’m still “that asshole”). My problem is with folks that give something merit because the shiny TV box said it was okay.

        You’re right though, I’m the jerk for poking some sarcastic fun. I’ll probably lose both feet to diabetes now. Way to put me in my place.

        Looooooooooove you!

    • considering that chairlift didn’t blow up after “bruises” was on an ipod commercial, I think you’re freaking out for no apparent reason.

      but you keep doing that. I’ll be over here not giving a damn.

  3. cheap song for a cheap phone

  4. Ya this version is definitely a cleaner mix than the album version.

  5. Often, when a song is placed in a commercial, film, or TV show, a new mix and/or edit is created specifically for that placement. That’s probably the case here.

  6. Deafheaven in Apple ads. Black metal has definitely gone mainstream.

    • I think it’s just the album cover perfectly matching the new color of the phone.

      Although Stereogum technically beat Apple to the juxtaposition of “Blurred Lines” and “Dream House” when we voted for song of the summer.

      • Yeah I can say with some confidence backed by empirical data that black metal is nowhere even remotely close to the mainstream. (Nowhere closer than it has been at any other point over five years at least.) If the cover of Sunbather looked like the cover of Transilvanian Hunger, they wouldn’t have used it in this spot.

  7. Does anyone know if they rerecorded funkadelic’s guitar part or if they just sampled it? The arrangement seems to vary slightly from the track on Maggot Brain, but sounds like a sample off of the record.

  8. They weren’t able to get sample clearance so it’s re-recorded. The original demo sampled it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUvrLgFygHw

  9. It pains me to see a song I love so much taken for this.

  10. Interesting. I just actually saw the commercial and heard it. Recognized “Can You Get to That” samp;e right off the bat. Am ok with it, because sampling songs can often leads to the discovery of the original. At least for once a good song that needs more recognition was sampled. Seems rare.

    Funny though, I’ve got lyrics from that very song with a picture in one board on my open to the public Pinterest profile as well as a whole board named “Keeping it Colorful.” Both created pre Steve Job’s Passing …. Over a year ago for sure….Maybe I need some royalties too!

    I wish!

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