Hunters & Collectors - Crucible

If you’ve never heard of Hunters & Collectors, an Australian rock band from the ’80s, don’t feel too bad; I never had either until very recently. But the new Hunters & Collectors tribute album Crucible has some truly impressive contributors, so apparently these guys had some important admirers. We’ve already posted the Avalanches’ remix of the Hunters & Collectors song “Talking To A Stranger.” And now Eddie Vedder has teamed up with Crowded House frontman Neil Finn to contribute a warm, heartfelt, intense acoustic cover of the 1984 ballad “Throw Your Arms Around Me.” The new version of the song is absolutely gorgeous, and you can hear it below.

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Crucible: The Songs Of Hunters & Collectors is out 9/27 on Liberation Music.

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  1. I guess this means I can’t expect a Hunnas edition of Counting Down any time, soon.

  2. Great tune, actual a cover staple of Pearl Jam sets for years.

    • Crowded House did it a lot, too. Perfect fit.

    • Yeah, this collaboration is deeply vetted: not only has Pearl Jam played the song many times live over the years, he has performed it on at least one occasion (and probably more than one; Stereogum fact checkers will have to confirm) with Mark Seymour, the co-songwriter and lead singer of Hunters & Collectors. Mark’s brother Nick, is a founding member of Crowded House – along with Neil Finn. And the circle is complete.

      The song itself was a huge hit in Australia (and a minor one elsewhere), and is easily the most “known” song in the Hunnas catalog (though there are better ones, if you ask me).

  3. I recall a version from the great Irish folk singer Luka Bloom from several years back as well. I think the Hunters & Collectors catalog deserves a closer look…

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