Midlake - Antiphon

The florid, contemplative Texan folk-rock band Midlake parted ways with frontman Tim Smith last year, but the band is still going with guitarist Eric Pulido stepping into leader position. And this fall, they’ll release Antiphon, their first post-Smith album. We’ve already posted the title track, but the band shared another one this morning: The warm and inviting “Provider.” Listen to it below.

Antiphon is out 11/5 on ATO.

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  1. I LOVE Midlake’s “Occupanther” album. I like the Courage of Others alright. That said, I feel like if your lead singer and main songwriter leaves the band, you maybe shouldn’t try to continue as ‘that band’ anymore (unless you’re Pink Floyd). What I’ve heard from this new album isn’t bad, but it seems like an uncomfortable lie.

  2. Taking nothing away from Tim Smith, I feel like Midlake is not synonymous with, or defined by him, considering the absolutely ridiculous talent of everyone else in the band. One of the reasons Courage of Others fell a bit flat (per the critics. . . because I loved it) was because of Tim’s vision which narrowed the scope of the band. . . compounded by the fact that he was/is a crazy perfectionist (an attribute that was sited in Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes. . . causing the over production of Helplessness Blues and pushing J.Tilman out). Despite all of his brilliance, I think Tim sort of hampered the creative process of the band and now that they have been let off the leash and given license to increase the throttle, you can see how brilliant a full set of musicians can be. I am VERY optimistic about Antiphon and if the first two singles are representative of the whole album, it’ll be one of their best. . . maybe even their best (. . .. . . “WHAT?!”. . . “Did he just say what I thought he said”. . . “B-b-but. . . Van . . .Occupanther. . .”). Yeah, I said it.

    • I think Courage of Others is a brilliant album In my all-time top 5. In Rainbows and a couple Of Joni’s would also be included. Ramble over, thought I’d share.

  3. I enjoyed this, thanks :)

  4. I was pretty bummed when I found out Tim Smith was no longer part of Midlake, who are just an amazing band. But Two tracks into the new album my fears have been relieved. Bands evolve and change, and members sometimes change. This is still Midlake, this is still fantastic. One of the things I love about them is that every album is different, but distinctly their own. The production and musicianship rises above the changes to the band. Cannot wait for November 5th!

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