Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom

After five years of dating, Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom are now married. The couple’s wedding took place yesterday at a luxury retreat in Big Sur, the Post Ranch Inn, according to US Weekly. “He liked her music and would go to her shows,” a friend of Samberg’s said in an interview with the magazine. “He had the biggest crush on her.” In an interview for Glamour’s September issue, Samberg said: “We’ve talked about [collaborating]. But we’ve decided ultimately that her fans would probably kill me in my sleep … What she does is so, like, actually beautiful and important.” Check out some photos of the couple through the years here.

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  1. Just in your sleep, Andy?

    • I also just found out that former punk cutie Jemina Pearl, who is just 26-years-old these days, recently made a baby with the old sweaty-looking dude who co-founded Third Man Records.

      Nothing makes sense to me anymore.

  2. I could have made her happy.

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  3. Andy: I jizzed my pants.
    Joanna: My favorite word is catenary.

    Weird love is the best love.

  4. There is no God.

  5. the next headline I see with her name in it better also have the words ‘new’ and ‘album’ in it

  6. I actually have the biggest crush on him, and I have never been much fond of her music although I have nothing against her, so this is sad for me in the opposite that is for the guys above.

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