Passion Pit at MSG

Recently, Passion Pit had to cancel an outdoor show in Wilmington, North Carolina because of rain. This is shortly after a Chicago rainstorm ruined much of the band’s equipment during a show, but the cancellation still led to some fans grousing on Twitter about how bands should still play the shows they’ve agreed to play. Whoever runs the band’s Twitter has addressed many of those complaints in the last few days, and now they’ve decided to write a whole long, structured statement about how they hate canceling shows but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

The basic point of the statement is that touring is a chaotic and ever-changing business, and there are all sorts of things that can come up and force a band to sit out a show or two: “The bottom line is that every day a band tours and doesn’t play a show, they hemorrhage money. This is a costly, tricky business, and all we want is for everything to go smoothly and to have fun. But tour doesn’t always work that way and we apologize for things that are completely out of our control… Please understand that if Passion Pit cancels a show, it’s canceling a show for a damn serious reason, and we’re not messing around with our fans. We’re trying our hardest and we are so sorry for the inconvenience. There’s only so much we can do.” The piece also outlines many of the reasons that Passion Pit have had to cancel shows. You can read the whole thing here.

[Photo by Luis Ruiz @ Madison Square Garden]

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  1. They forgot all important reason #5: Axl Rose.

  2. All of their reasons sound common sense / self explanatory, but I guess when your fan base is mostly made up of instant gratification, “you owe our self-entitled selves!” type Twitter ranting millennials, you need to spell it out to them why life shockingly might not work out the way you expected it to.

    • Yes, someone is “self-entitled” when they pay for something and then they don’t get the service that they paid for. Typical millennials expecting something for nothi…er 47.50 plus a service charge.

      • show me where those fans didn’t get their money back. they’re acting entitled.

        • Yeah, I’m assuming everyone got their money back (perhaps had to eat 5 bucks in service charges or whatever at the last) but even in my experience over the past year with the worst of them over at Ticketmaster, I’ve gotten full refunds over cancelled and rescheduled show dates.

          • yes, exactly. my point is, the actual sense of entitlement doesn’t come from people being promised a show, and the venue and band keeping the money after the cancellation. it comes from fans being promised a show, show cancelled, money refunded (which is always the case), and then fans complaining the show never took place. and that’s a bullshit self-entitled mentality.

          • For sure. And I’m not saying their rant explanation above was totally justifiable either and that the decisions they made would have been the same decisions other bands would make, but just look at Morrissey fans. I for one have been on the receiving end of two cancelled shows of his, but that’s to be expected at this point from him and yes, I got my money back. Every time he comes around to play, I approach the date with a “buyer beware” hesitation. It’s the band’s reputations in reliability to destroy as far as I’m concerned just as long as my money goes back into my pocket.

    • Whatever. You don’t know anything about Passion Pit’s fan base.

  3. “another reason 5 is being virtually kidnapped” – delorean

  4. This from a band that canceled a show in Kansas City a few years ago claiming the stage was riddled with dry rot. Every other band played that evening, including the group that had to be called in as a last-minute replacement, and not a single band member fell through or off the stage or suffered any sort of grievous bodily harm.

  5. I finally get the chance to see Passion Pit live at Emory University tomorrow! I can’t wait:)

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