Chromeo on Fallon

Last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, two important Canadian duos came together. Montreal synth-funkers Chromeo were there to play “Sexy Socialite,” the new single from their forthcoming album White Women, and they conscripted the reunited Toronto noise-punkers Death From Above 1979 into duty as their backing band. I would’ve never thought that DFA 1979 could be that good at blurring into the background, but that’s exactly what they did here. Meanwhile, Chromeo also had a full gospel choir behind them, and one member of that gospel choir rapped. It was weird, like someone said, “Oh hey, Chromeo’s already massively gimmicky and flashy live show just isn’t gimmicky and flashy enough.” Check out the performance below.

White Women is coming soon, and “Sexy Socialite” is out on iTunes today.

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  1. Yes, how dare they do something unique and enjoyable on a television show performance. Why couldn’t they just stare at their shoes and bore us all to death instead of relying on “gimmicks”!

  2. …but when is DFA’79 gonna release the follow-up to You’re a woman, I’m a machine? that’s been my running mix for 7 odd years.

  3. Its great how Chromeo always looks like they are having SOOOooo much fun. The choir is kinda cool, and not a gimmick as the author mentions… Its like buying a Delorean… and then souping it up with a platinum lux capacitor, hydrolics, and a jacuzzi in the backseat. It can only make it better lol.

    They are one of the few bands that incorporate electronic stuff into their music without sounding like bland drones that tweens would want on the radio. They just make you wanna dance, and do so without any modern electro/techno/dubstep gimmicks. Their Halloween show in Philly was a highlight of all shows I’ve been to. Think they are one of the only bands thats mastered the ‘Fun 80s retro Casio/Funk Pop dance-in-my-pajamas’ genre lol.

    Would be great if they toured again with Mayer Hawthorne. His newer album is more in tune with that retro pop Chromeo sound and would be a great tour together.

  4. Tom Breihan up in this bitch actin’ like this ain’t the most fabulous shit he’s seen in a minute.

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