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There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned Tyler, The Creator Twitter rant to start your day off right. Tyler, Odd Future’s ringleader, met Black Eyed Peas ringleader will.i.am (both groups are their own sort of circus, no?) at an unnamed star-studded event recently. Will.i.am offered some career advice along the lines of, “You make a decision to do what to do to survive,” i.e. get Fergie to rap about lovely lady lumps and whatnot. (Because making a living in music apparently is tantamount to staying alive in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road; things can get pretty grisly out there.) Tyler took Will’s resigned self-analysis as an implicit suggestion that he too would someday sell out by making music he hates for the sake of the almighty dollar. This, of course, did not sit well with the frequently indignant young Mr. Okonma, who took to Twitter with the following tirade. Enjoy!

Tyler also met Dave Chappelle, which apparently completed his celebrity bro-down bucket list along with Pharrell and Eminem.

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  1. They were both at the Yeezus show in L.A., if you were wondering.

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  3. Sans the photo op with KimYe, any “rapper” who is a known pal of Oprah’s is probably not doing anything great with their career regardless of how much money they’re pulling in doing it.

    When’s the last time Will.I.Am even turned something out on the radio that got play anyway? That Britney track awhile back was a bomb and Fergie doesn’t seem to have any interest in being his cash cow anymore (plus she’s like, 50 years old or something now.)

    • I don’t like either of these people. That said, a quick internet search reveals that the last Black Eyed Peas album (which came out in late 2010) sold 3 million copies. Fergie is 38.

  4. i feel sorry for Tyler’s backyard tennis court right about now. wow.

  5. I love Tyler, and I’m glad to see him repping Behind the Front. Will really used to display a huge amount of talent and absolutely is the current industry poster boy for “sellout” – make disposable pop music in exchange for dollars, nevermind that you used to be a socially conscious hip-hop group with huge potential. Joints and Jam is one of the first hip-hop songs I ever fell in love with.

  6. for once I agree with Tyler. I’m glad he’s aware that selling out is for, well, sellouts. I don’t even care if he keeps making mediocre music as long as he loves it. Damn, Tyler totally inspiring me right now.

  7. Tyler is bringing real rap back! Now destroy him on wax, Tyler. So hard he has to go away.



    It’s so refreshing to hear someone famous call people out on this stuff. I feel like Tyler could be doing Wil a favor by bringing the guy back to reality. What good is wealth if you’re not a peace with how you earned it?

  9. Starting a beef with Black Eyed Peas(!) is possibly on track record for lamest/worst/most uninteresting beef of the year, Stereogum. Can you honor such dubious achievements?

  10. Now that Will.I.Am got called out, he gon’ have to come back with something hard for the next Peas joint.

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