Drake Worst Behavior Still

Drake’s last video, “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” was a wonderfully silly short film featuring guest stars like A$AP Rocky. The one before that, “Started From The Bottom,” was also a narrative interspersed with skits. And the latest, a 10-minute clip for “Worst Behavior,” is just as gleefully goofy.

Director X’s Memphis-shot visuals include Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, strutting his stuff in a flashy white suit and lip-syncing Drake’s lyrics, as well as guest appearances from Juicy J and Project Pat in a ridiculous comedic interlude. Drake’s in there too carrying a baby, as is somebody wearing a costume of Drake’s signature OVO owl logo blown up to mascot size. Watch the whole thing below.

Nothing Was The Same is out now via Young Money.

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  1. memphis represent!!!!!!!!!!111!!!11!1

  2. I don’t know if I’d call this “gleeful”. It was kind of lame to me. Something just seems really inauthentic and fake about a dude from suburban Toronto surrounded by little poor kids from Memphis saying “MUHFUCKAS NEVA LUH’D US”

    I’m also not a huge fan of the song though.

  3. Drake seems he not use to being a around black people..he acting so fake and a white boy. I love Memphis but it showed negative parts of it. Memphis have a lot history.

  4. *It seems like Drake is not used to being around black people. He’s acting fake and like a white boy. I love Memphis, but this shows some negative parts of it. Memphis has a lot of history.

  5. Isn’t this kind of awkward that he has his dad in this? I mean, I always interpreted “Mothafuckas neva loved us” as being directed toward his father. No, its not because he fucked his mom, but because of that whole ‘dad abandoning him as a child and refusing to be a part of his life’ part.

    Regardless it’s interesting to see a video made for whats essentially an album interlude.

    By the way, Director X does a subtly impressive job with the stylized video.
    “Here, hold my phone.”

    • I guess it’s super awkward that his dad is in it… but not in any shots together.

      It’s almost as if they got his dad to be in this video… then edited it in a way to call him out. I think the video would be even better if viewed in that light.

  6. All day I kept looking at that title thinking there should be a ‘U’ in “Behavior” because I’m definitely not British but enjoy putting u’s in words that could u-se them.

    Turns out it really does have a ‘U’ in it on the album track listing! Do Canadians put u’s in words like “Behaviour” or “Colour”? I guess they do…

    • Hahahaha, naaaahhh. Just a coincidence that it has a ‘u’ in it on the questionable download I have… which must be similar to the questionable version p4k has as its lead story for us late nighters has the ‘u’ in tact on the news article.

      I mean the video doesn’t have it either…

      It’s late.


      (did I just comment twice on the letter ‘u’ ? goddammit)

    • Yes, indeed. Us ‘Nadians put u’s in our our’s (you feel me?). It’s difficult to describe the pride I feel when microsoft word tries to correct my “behaviour” to “behavior” and I say “NO BILL GATES” – change that shit back to “our” while a snippet of the national anthem (“O’ Canada”) plays in my mind.

      Then the program autocorrects it back to “or” and I have thoughts of war.

      Then I click “Add to Dictionary.” Really shut em down.

      I’m cold.

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