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Well, that was fast. In September, Instagram removed the account that belonged to Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, since Coyne kept violating the site’s rules by posting images of naked people and such. (Coyne’s response, when our own Chris DeVille asked him about it: “I am OK with that. I understand Instagram has its rules, and I didn’t ever read them, but I knew that they had taken down things that I’d posted before. I forget, because I’m bouncing sometimes in between Twitter and Instagram, I forget.”) Fans petitioned Instagram to bring back his account, to no avail, and Coyne started another account. And now, Coyne has been kicked off of Instagram again, for the exact same reasons. He already has a new account, and he writes that he’ll “try to play by the rules,” but we’ll see.

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  1. Apparently instagram’s for prudes.

  2. Wayne Coyne is receiving Yeezy level reportage.

    Opossum Observation.

  3. He posted pictures from a “paint pour test” (aka a woman covered in paint) he and some artists were doing in prep for a new exhibit opening at his Womb Gallery on Friday night.

    Take a looksy if ya fancy http://thefutureheart.com/2013/11/13/wayne-coyne-instagram/

  4. Instagram is filled with prudes!!! They delete my IMPLIED nude art all the time. Nothing is even showing, no butts no boobs no pussy. They still delete it. Yet it’s okay to have girls bent over doggy style in their underwear??? Talk about craziness. Why do people hate nude art so much? Would instagram delete a picture of michelangelo’s statue of david if I uploaded it?

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