Young Jeezy - "Benihana"

We here at Stereogum don’t make a habit of posting every Young Jeezy song, let alone every Rocko or 2 Chainz song. But I’ve played the new one “Benihana” three times in a row now, and I see that number growing. A lot. My son is currently climbing on my shoulders and playing drums on my head to it. Those lyrics are probably warping his brain, and I don’t even care. Because this song rules. It is considerably brightening my afternoon, and I thought it might do the same with yours. It’s below. Enjoy it.

(via Miss Info)

Jeezy’s It’s Tha World Vol. 2 mixtape is coming soon. He’s dropped the “Young” from his name, which whatever.

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  1. I love you, Tom.
    It’s better without the Young, yung.

  2. “Seafood combination gimme double rice.” – 2 Chainz

    Carb-loading is pretty much the most baller, hedonistic diet there is.

  3. “Paula Deen, we in the kitchen, nigga” is probably the best thing Rocko is ever going to say.

  4. I didn’t even know Jeezy skated!

    Can someone please tell me why this trick could be accessed in THPS by as simple a button combo as [down/right] [right c]?? Benihana’s a hard trick, it should have been much harder to do in the game!

    Now, to borrow Rocket Power terminology, excuse me while I go pop a 1260 benihana loop-de-loo

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