This is all purely speculative, but several sources have reportedly told Billboard that OutKast, arguably the greatest rap duo of all time, might reunite to headline next year’s Coachella festival. According to various sources, the group has at least been in talks to play the festival and possibly to do some other festivals next summer. This, obviously, would be awesome. OutKast’s last album was the soundtrack to the 2006 cinematic stinkbomb Idlewild, which was not the way way to go out. They’ve reunited on a few songs since then, but Andre 3000 didn’t rap on either of Big Boi’s two solo albums, and he hasn’t released any of his own, either. And they haven’t toured regularly since before the release of 2003′s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, so this would be a rare and welcome opportunity indeed. Fingers crossed.

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    • “HAIMish type bands” — or simply HAIM. Their newly announced tour dates more than confirms their name on the Coachella line-up. Mogwai’s tour dates spell out a Coachella appearance as well.

      But this: ” I left before Dre, Snoop and Hologram 2-Pac took the stage because they’re all past their prime or not real.”

      I’ll give you the hologram line, but that thought of them being past their prime could make sense, but on stage it was not the case. Dre & Snoop was easily one of the best shows of the 2012 weekend, largely because they have a huge catalogue of great songs… kind of like OutKast if they end up on the bill. I hope they do, because after seeing Dre & Snoop, I could only imagine OutKast being just as great if not greater.

      • I agree. Was all prepared to leave early on that last night to beat traffic, but that set was fantastic.

      • To clarify, while my past experiences with the rap headliners have never been that of satisfied, I’d rather it be Outkast over anyone else from that genre these days (I’d definitely take ‘Ye, but I doubt they’ll team him back up top with Arcade Fire a la 2011. Drake doesn’t feel too Coachella-y and probably couldn’t command a festival headlining draw even though he can sell out arenas.)

        The early confirmations are always predictably unexciting at this point in the game to throw too much weight behind bashing the lineup as a whole, I have to admit. Off the top of my head, Lorde, Ellie Goulding, HAIM, the 1975, Afrojack, some Skrillex / Diplo project were names dropped this week. Neutral Milk Hotel and zombie Pixies will probably subheadline whichever day Arcade Fire plays.

        • Oh Yeah! NMH is probably going to be there! It fit in their current tour schedule easy.

          • Because it’s late and predicting the Coachella line-up is great when you have a Stereogum comment section as future proof…

            NIN seems highly logical too. Trent has an April hole in his tour schedule. 2005 was the only time NIN headlined… seems overdue.

          • I figured they would be headliners as well.

            So headliners and sub-headliners are basically settled for the most part:

            Nine Inch Nails – Queens of the Stone Age
            Outkast – Some big EDM artist
            Arcade Fire – NMH – Pixies

          • That’s what my intuition is telling me too.

            Seems in line with the variety they shoot for amongst headliners in the past few years.

  3. “arguably the greatest rap duo of all time”
    Let’s take it a step further. Where do they rank in Greatest Duos of all time? All genres included, and I don’t think duos within bigger bands really count.

  4. Oh sweet Yeezus please let this be true.

  5. Love Outkast. Welcome news!!! Here’s to a new album from them too.

  6. I kinda liked Idlewild…

  7. anyone else still want a black and white american flag every time they see the stankonia album cover?

  8. Bullshit article to get our hopes up?

    • Andre, do your Hendrix thing. Become a great actor, but just a one-and-done. You are the actual genius who made hip hop amazing and cool, not Kanye (though he is hugely influential and visionary too). The game needs you. I don’t even care if your new verses suck.. cus they won’t.. cus you are the greatest…

      Big Boi is stepping up, now you gotta too. I love you, man.

      • Point me towards a good Andre Benjamin’s acting example. I think 2pac is the only pleasant example of rapper turned actor (I suppose Mark Wahlberg and Mos Def deserve credit as well…).

        I feel ashamed to admit that Andre is even worse than Common…

        • Dude, he was transcendant in 4 brothers!

          • Please tell me you’re referring to Mark E. Mark.

            Andre’s performance was painfully lame in that, not nearly as bad as he was in Revolver though. Holy shit he was bad in Revolver, I wish I could un-watch that.

          • Yeah, i was being sarcastic. Thought that movie was kind of lame. My second comment was written forgetting Andre’s actually been acting for a minute, I guess that goes hand in hand with how forgettable his performances have been?

          • But at the same time, I think given the right material Dre (sorry RJ) could rip a performance out of the park. Haven’t read much about the Hendrix biopic but if it’s got good people doing good jobs on it I’d think it would be great. Andre is just a lot like Hendrix, look and mind wise.

  9. nope. You can’t hurt me anymore with your false promises.

  10. So do this mean that Andre 3000 is finished doing his “Gillette shit?”

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