Nina Persson - "Animal Heart" Video

Nina Persson, probably best known as the lead singer for ’90s Swedish pop band the Cardigans, is about to release her first solo album, Animal Heart, on Lojinx Records, next February. In the past few years Persson has performed a few reunion shows with the Cardigans, as well as releasing two albums with side project A Camp. Now she’s released a music video for the single and title track of her solo bow, “Animal Heart.” The video follows Persson as she goes through a seemingly “normal” day, but as if on a film set; while she descends the steps of a Brooklyn-esque brownstone and fetches milk from the nearby market, “crew” members undress and redress her, a dance posse trails behind, and people carry backdrops to match the scenes in her lyrics. In her familiar pop soprano she cries “come be my man, babe hang on to me” over a twinkling synth. Check out the video for “Animal Heart” below.

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  1. reunion show with The Cardigans? when did they break up?

    • I meant reunion in regards to their long 5-year break from touring, recording or playing together. Since last summer they’ve been playing shows and festivals, but without mentioning new albums or future recording. It wasn’t an official breakup, more of a hiatus.

  2. Pop soprano? Highly unlikely – her vocal range is alto!

  3. Oh god that’s horrible…

  4. Her age is showing, but she still has an absolutely amazing singing voice. I can’t believe there was a time when I wrote The Cardigans as one hit wonders that created one of the most annoying hits ever with “Lovefool”. Because the rest of their catalog is complete unadulterated gold. And they perfected a new sound with every album they released.

    I’m a little sad that this isn’t an announcement for a new Cardigans album, but I’ll take what I can get and love if for what it is with a Nina solo album.

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