Migos Ran Up The Money

My body just spent the past 10 minutes whipping around in a fit of embarrassing desk-chair dancing. The culprit for this shameless, unruly abomination? That’d be this new Migos song that just appeared online in case anyone was lacking reasons to feel gratitude this Thanksgiving. The breakout Atlanta rap trio is preparing to release the sequel to the gloriously giddy Y.R.N. mixtape, and based on what we’ve heard so far the second installment is shaping up to be just as good as the first. We already encountered the frenetic “Emmitt Smith.” Now comes “Ran Up The Money,” which invokes fellow ATLien Future’s sad-eyed singsong without giving up that cartoonishly spastic signature sound. It’s a torrential downpour of ridiculous metaphors, maniacal adlibs, and irrepressible spirit. It’s a fucking madhouse, which means it’s like every Migos song, which means you should get this thing on your hard drive posthaste by clicking “Download” below.

Y.R.N. 2 is coming soon, but not soon enough. ’Til then, hit them up on Wikipedia.

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