James Murphy Reveals His New Espresso

Tom Breihan | December 4, 2013 - 1:59 pm

When he broke up LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy had a lot of plans, and he’s followed through on many of them. But one goal that remains elusive is the one he announced nearly two years ago: To release his own blend of espresso. But now Murphy says that he’s done with the tinkering-and-experimenting part of the process, and that his coffee is ready.

Talking to Rolling Stone, Murphy describes the coffee: “It’s a very neutral espresso with really intense elements. No filler, all really good single-origin beans. It’s lighter than a traditional Italian roast, but not as light as a Nordic espresso…The idea is that it should have a real complexity on the palate, like a single-origin does, but not be difficult on the finish. It should be very friendly.” If you are enough of a coffee nerd to understand what he’s talking about, I assume you’re excited now.

But Murphy and his collaborator, Blue Bottle Coffee founder James Freeman, have not yet done whatever business is necessary to start selling the stuff: “We’re heavily distracted and overbooked. We did the espresso thing and met up, I guess, a month ago, and we were like, ‘Yeah! All right! Let’s do it! Okay! I’ll talk to you soon! Later!’ And we haven’t really figured out how to pull the trigger.”