Britt Daniel Love Letters

For its monthly theme song, the teenage-girl-targeted supersite Rookie recruited Spoon/Divine Fits singer Britt Daniel to cover one of a handful of songs by early ’60s female teen idols. Daniel selected Shelley Fabares’ 1962 single “Love Letters”; Ketty Lester’s version, also released in ’62, which was included in Blue Velvet. In an interview published along with the music, Daniel explained his own personal history with “Love Letters”:

I knew the Ketty Lester version from Blue Velvet. When Divine Fits were touring we would actually play that [over the PA] before we came onstage. Before you sent me the Shelley Fabares version, I never thought [the song] could be made uncreepy.

Hear Daniel’s uncreepy take on the song below, and read the full interview, which touches on Daniel’s teenage years and what he got for Christmas this year, at Rookie.

A new Spoon album is expected this year, which is just splendid news.

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  1. lets see how many downvotes i can get for saying fuck this, i want a new spoon album.

  2. Sweet. I like Britt’s demo-y sounding stuff. Its a sound he doesn’t get close to on his albums, even transference. Nitebike by deerhunter sounds very Britt demo influenced to me.

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