World's Largest Record - "Hotel California"

We, as Americans, have a fascination with taking a practical thing and expanded it to such a gargantuan size that its actual use or purpose becomes irrelevant. From the biggest boot to the world’s largest hammer these monuments serve no purpose other than to say, “Look how big we made it!” And that is … pretty damn cool. To add to that list of gigantic objects, we now present to you the largest vinyl record in the world. Bad news: It’s Hotel California. Good News: It doesn’t actually play.

The record now sits atop the roof of the Forum in Inglewood, CA, and measures 407 feet in diameter — or maybe it’s more appropriate to simply call it a 4884-inch. It was installed in anticipation of the six Eagles shows to mark the re-opening of the Forum since its purchase and renovation by the Madison Square Garden Company. The record took 10 days and roughly 75 workers to construct, and it actually rotates. Watch the pretty ridiculous video promotional video below and pray this isn’t the beginning of a really strange Kaiju-film.

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  1. Somewhere, Jack White is pissed he hasn’t done this yet.

  2. There is at least one, fictional person that is happy about this…

  3. It took me forever to understand this headline. At first blush, I assumed some mixtape rapper named “Your Worst Nightmare” or “A-407″ had released a song featuring “‘Hotel California’ Vinyl Record” which I assumed either meant a sample, or a guest rapper whose name was actually “‘Hotel California’ Vinyl Record.”

    Which, be honest, wouldn’t really be that surprising.

  4. Am I the only hipster who genuinely likes the eagles? Take it Easy, man.

    • I’m not even remotely a hipster, so I can’t answer that part of the question. I will say it appears to be very hipster chic to hate the Eagles, which seems kind of odd when you consider the strength of their songwriting abilities. I understand some of the dislike for the people themselves, but not their music. Their music was an influence and inspiration for quite a few hipster approved bands/artists. As far as genuinely liking their music goes, yeah, I’m with you on that.

  5. I know a lot of people hate on the Eagles, and I’m not saying that I’m a fan (I’m not), but isn’t Hotel California a good song, at least? I’ve always really liked it.

    • It’s pretty hard to deny the sheer awesomeness of that guitar solo. They’re obviously a really talented group but they still annoy the hell out of me – slick, smug hippie-rock is not my favorite genre.

  6. I’m most excited about the fact that this is the only 120-foot truss circle in the United States.

  7. This is kind of silly, although if it was an Aphex Twin record I’d probably think it was brilliant.

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