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Now that the whole Grammy shitstorm is over, we can get back to the regular business of being an indie-centric music website. And when we see a video of St. Vincent’s Annie Clark showing off her soccer skills, we are damn sure going to post it. In a very likable video for Rookie, Clark gives a tutorial on how to do the rainbow kick, a particular soccer move she learned and practiced obsessively during her younger days, and she shows us, the viewers, how to do it. The basic point is less “here’s how to do a rainbow kick” and more “you can be good at things if you practice,” and given Rookie’s teen-girl target audience, that is a noble thing. Watch it below.

(via Rookie)

St. Vincent’s new self-titled album is out 2/25 on Republic/Loma Vista; check out her songs “Birth In Reverse” and “Digital Witness.”

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  1. yeah i’ll watch this a number of times

  2. “I think soccer players used to do this, like Pele.” Love that line.

    Rainbows are more of just a showy dribbling move like bouncing the ball on your head, they’re not really practical in a game. She seems to have some talent with the ball, surprised she wouldn’t know that.

  3. its football dammit football :P

  4. with that haircolor she looks like a grandma. A Hot grandma. A GILF!

  5. Love it

  6. Is she starting to look like Byrne? Because I think she is.

  7. This put a smile on my face, my dad still does that trick after all these years. He used to rainbow kick as a transition into endless juggling when I was a kid. It was awesome.

  8. btw you’re not supposed to have your hands in your pockets while you’re playing football. I still love Annie tho.

  9. Shit, just realized I was grinning like an idiot through this whole thing

  10. that’s impressive that she can still do the trick since age 12.

  11. She’s so freaking cute, I can’t stand it.

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