St. Vincent - "Digital Witness" Video

Annie Clark bka St. Vincent first delivered “Digital Witness” — the second single from her self-titled forthcoming fourth LP — earlier this month; the brassy, dance-y track very much reflected the ample time Clark has recently spent collaborating with David Byrne (to my ear anyway; there’s also plenty of “Steam”/”Sledgehammer”-style Peter Gabriel in here, too). Now, she’s released the song’s Chino Moya-directed video accompaniment, which still feels really Talking Heads-y to me: all bold colors, jerky movements, geometric lines, and prominent shoulders. It’s a stylish, bizarre, cool video befitting the stylish, bizarre, cool song. Watch.

St. Vincent is out 2/25 on Republic/Loma Vista.

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  1. i swear to god i want to have hair just like hers

  2. It sounds “Talking Heads-y” to you because you’re making a loose and lazy association.

    • Also, re: “brassy”, she told NPR that she didn’t record or sample any real horns for this track. She just made a synthetic sound that has a “cut reminiscent of a horn.” But I wouldn’t call that laziness on the writer’s part, just ANNIE CLARK BEING A FUCKING WIZARD.

      I know we aren’t supposed to admit to liking NPR, but for those SV fans who haven’t heard the interview, she plays short clips from a few new songs – “Rattlesnake,” “Huey Newton,” and “I Prefer Your Love,” in addition to “Digital Witness” and “Birth In Reverse.” She also sings “Ashes to Ashes” with the host.

      • I agree with this- if she had never collabed with Byrne, I think we’d just say that this was a very St. Vincent track in the vein of her more squonky ones. I feel like the way writers have attributed the influence here and elsewhere on this song is definitely on the lazy side.

        • Yeah agreed. I almost think collaborating with Byrne was a mistake for her. Maybe it opened her to a new audience, but it seems like music writers are trying to put her in his shadow, which is not fair because she is the one with the fresh ideas. I dunno Its just frustrating for me to see a woman with such amazing talents start to be short shifted.

    • Glad to see some agreement, on the lazy (although understandable) Talking Heads associations. She started doing brass powered grooves on ‘Actor’. Take a listen to ‘Marrow’.

  3. Definitely hear the David Byrne in the vocals. The Peter Gabriel vibe for me comes more with the arrangement.

  4. I hear Prince as much as PG or DB. Production-wise it’s got a PG vibe with the synth sounding horns, but the main melody and vocal melody, and the progressions in general are mid to late 80s Prince to my ear.

  5. st. vincent poised to conquer arcade fire’s title for “most articles in a single hour on stereogum”

  6. I hear Annie.

  7. She’s just so wonderful.

  8. This video is great! I can’t wait for the future– it looks so beautiful!

  9. What a weird fucking video! But it’s fitting. How do you even pitch a video like that?

    Love this song though. Spot on with the Peter Gabriel comparison.

  10. Nice video–looks like a tribute to (or ripoff of) They Might Be Giants’ Ana Ng: Same synchronized double office drones, same scenes of weird, stiff posing in front of factories.

  11. I think Chino Moya would pitch this video as an authoritarian digital dreamscape and incorporate elements from Miss Clark’s own dreamtime experiences. His previous work provides plenty of confirmation of vision (in my relatively uninformed opinion).

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