Childish Gambino on BBC Live Lounge

We here at Stereogum have long been accused of not taking Donald Glover seriously. And while it’s true that I generally find Childish Gambino, Glover’s rap alter-ego, to be an unctuous, overly self-conscious, teacher’s-pet mic presence, his run on Community, which ended with a great goodbye episode a couple of weeks ago, was magical. He’s also long had good taste in openers, as he showed when he took a pre-Acid Rap Chance The Rapper on tour. And now we know that he has a lovely singing voice, too. On a recent visit to BBC Live Lounge, he did a lovely live-in-studio cover of P.M. Dawn’s 1992 slow jam “I’d Die Without You,” one of the most beautiful love songs that a human being has ever written. Watch it below.

Childish Gambino’s album Because The Internet is out now on Glassnote/Universal. And when P.M. Dawn’s The Bliss Album…? turned 20 last year, I wrote this about it.

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  1. hmm… yes… “lovely”.

    I am a fan of the PM Dawn version, and to be honest, this it isn’t bad. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “lovely”. Especially a few times…

    • TWO TIMES DOES NOT EQUAL A FEW TIMES, almost though. Anyway it’s a good cover.

      • Technically “a few” can mean as little as “a couple” or up to 9. then it becomes many. so please don’t yell.

        • According to WHO? After a quick search I have seen different qualifications (including some that clarified that it has to be more than two), but official semantics aside saying a few can mean a couple just undervalues both terms. Nobody thinks two if you say a few so I think you can admit to a use of slight hyperbole in you declaration of the unloveliness of Gambino’s voice.

          • are you kidding me now? By Definition, ” A Few” means a “Plural Countable Noun”, which again by definition, can mean “2″.

            I don’t believe that you did any “quick search”.

            In regards to this cat, Gambino, I just don’t think “lovely” is the right adjective.

          • MAYbe you could get away with ‘lovely’ twit but even that’s a stretch

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