CONS EP Vol. 1 - Trash Talk x Flatbush Zombies_Cover Art

Last fall we heard “Gauchos,” a collaboration between New York rap collective Ratking and Black Dice member Eric Copeland commissioned by Converse for an upcoming compilation called CONS EP VOL. 1. Now comes another track from the comp, a collection of collaborations recorded at the shoe company’s Rubber Tracks studio in Williamsburg. “97.92″ pairs Sacramento hardcore kings Trash Talk with buzzy Brooklyn rappers Flatbush Zombies, but it’s not the chaotic rap-rock throttler you might have imagined. Rather, this is excellently grimy boom-bap fleshed out with backwards samples and topped off with effortlessly charismatic bars. It’s a reminder that Trash Talk pals around with the Odd Future and an affirmation that Flatbush Zombies have the legs to stay in the press a lot longer than bath salts did. Stream or download “97.92″ below.

CONS EP VOL. 1 is due out early next month.

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  1. I know this isn’t exactly the rager you’d expect from reading the pairing, but this still goes off.

  2. “commissioned by Converse for an upcoming compilation called CONS EP VOL. 1.”
    and I thought Trash Talk were legit…..

  3. This EP is actually going to be pretty good. Been working with it for a campaign we are running on Xbox.

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