Watch Interpol Debut "My Desire" And "Anywhere" In Newcastle

Interpol played their first live show since 2011 in Newcastle last night and debuted three new songs from their upcoming fifth album, which they’re in the process of recording now. The three songs are called “My Desire,” “Anywhere,” and “All The Rage Back Home,” and you can watch live video of the first two below. You can also check out a full setlist for the performance here.


“My Desire”

The band is traveling around the UK over the next few weeks for the NME Awards Tour. Their new album is due sometime this year.

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  1. Another band I consistently hope will live up to their first albums. Another band I try to hide my disappointment in.

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      • Uh, I care. that was kind of my point. Gawd, what a pointless, ass-hole, and frankly unoriginal thing to say. I don’t know why are there are so many people like you who think that just because you don’t care, nobody should. you hit a nerve.

        • Ugh, surely the irony of calling his comment, as trollish as it is, unoriginal isn’t lose on you when you just gave the standard ‘i like their early stuff better’ comment

          • nope, not what I said. Maybe if I had said something akin to “these guys haven’t done anything good since their first album now they suck!”
            I sincerely hope they live up to their first album, an album I would venture to say most everyone agrees is their best. I try to hide my disappointment because I still have a lot of good will towards the band.
            There’s more to my statement than the cliche and dismissive ‘I like their early stuff better’, don’t you think?

  2. Sounds at least comparable to “Antics” era songs. That’s a good thing.

  3. I know people are tired of seeing Interpol and the Strokes grouped together when they have completely different influences and sounds (biggest similarities being NY based, blowing up around the same time, having similar career trajectories (“perfect” first album that the band will never approach again in the minds of critics or fans, more of the same the second time around, ambitious third album that is panned by fans and critics, then a fourth album that is an attempt at “returning to the formula”, we’ll see in a few months how each fifth album compares in their discographies) and both front men releasing criminally underrated solo albums including the first name, Julian).

    However, I am bringing them up together in conversation because it is very fascinating to me how both third albums were received. I said that I would trim tracks and change the order of First Impressions of Earth, but Our Love to Admire, I wouldn’t touch. I am not of the opinion that Our Love to Admire was a flawless album but I definitely believe it to be their riskiest and most beautiful (arrangements and engineering still hold up to my ears).

    It’s wild to think of how different the careers of the Strokes and Interpol would be if they took more risks with their second release instead of waiting for release number three to up the ante. I would say of other “NY” bands releasing albums around that time period, the Walkmen experienced a similar predicament, but Liars and Yeah Yeah Yeahs avoided similar trajectories and were given more room to be different with each release as a result of how different their second release was with respect to their debut albums.

    Anyway…bring on album number five!

    • It’s true, I often overlook Our Love to Admire, that was a pretty decent album. as per the Walkmen where I think they succeeded, was that they in time really found their sound. Especially around ‘You and Me’ I feel like at that point the Walkmen knew who they were and continued to release two more confident and well crafted albums. The Walkmen seemed to move together as a band, where Interpol and the Strokes seem to have been pulling in too many directions.

      • OLTA was great until the last 1/3, and then it REALLY dropped off. The first 2/3 are on par with anything else they’ve done, and I’m still convinced that “Pace is the Trick” is in their top 3 songs.

  4. Really digging “Anywhere.” Nice job, lads!

  5. I can barely hear it but I can tell it sounds better than the last album.

  6. anyone know who’s playing bass?

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