Lollapalooza Lineup 2014

Last week, the names of four Lollapalooza 2014 headliners were leaked: Eminem, Skrillex, Arctic Monkeys, and Kings Of Leon. Today, the full lineup has been announced, and along with the aforementioned names, the festival’s top billed acts are OutKast, Calvin Harris, Lorde, the Avett Brothers, and Foster The People. Things get more interesting when you get to the midcard, but for practical purposes, it doesn’t really seem to matter who’s playing: Three-day passes sold out in an hour (at $250 a pop) and that was before the lineup was even announced. You can still cop three-day VIP or Platinum “experiences,” however, or wait until daily passes go on sale here today at 10 AM CST. Here’s the day-by-day breakdown:

Friday: Eminem, Arctic Monkeys, Lorde, Zedd, Above & Beyond, Broken Bells, Interpol, Lykke Li, Phantogram, CHVRCHES, the Glitch Mob, Portugal. The Man, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike; AFI; J. Roddy Walston & the Business; the Kooks; Rudimental; Iggy Azalea; Bombay Bicycle Club; Warpaint; Kodaline; Sander Kleinenberg; Lucius; Blood Orange; Perry/Etty vs. Joachim Garraud (featuring Perry Farrell); Jagwar Ma; Temples; Vic Mensa; Francisca Valenzuela; Into It. Over It.; Courtney Barnett; San Fermin; Roadkill Ghost Choir; Brillz; Jacob Plant; The So So Glos; Cash Cash; Bebe Rexha; Wallpaper.; DUGAS; Bagheera; Of Verona; Highly Suspect.

Saturday: Outkast; Calvin Harris; Foster the People; Krewella; Nas; Spoon; the Head and the Heart; Chase & Status; cut/copy; Fitz and the Tantrums; GROUPLOVE; Gramatik; Jenny Lewis; Manchester Orchestra; John Butler Trio; Martin Garrix; Phosphorescent; Duke Dumont; the Temper Trap; Joachim Garraud; Typhoon; Z-Trip; Kate Nash; Vance Joy; Rich Homie Quan; Parquet Courts; Smallpools; Jungle; Wildcat! Wildcat!; PAPA; the Districts; heRobust; Royal Blood; Ratking; Meg Myers; Joywave; Desert Noises; Jon Batiste and Stay Human; Benjamin Booker; the Last Internationale; Johnnyswim; Charlie Hirsch; Anna Lunoe; Rocky Business.

Sunday: Kings of Leon; Skrillex; the Avett Brothers; Sebastian Ingrosso; Childish Gambino; Cage the Elephant; Young the Giant; Chance the Rapper; Flosstradamus; Chromeo; DARKSIDE; the 1975; Rebelution; Glen Hansard; Gesaffelstein; Flume; Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue; Run the Jewels; the Airborne Toxic Event; London Grammar; White Denim; Delta Rae; RAC; GTA; jhené aiko; Kongos; NONONO; Gemini Club; Crizzly; Bomba Estéreo; Bleachers; Bear Hands; Kausea; Bronze Radio Return; Lindsay Lowend; Betty Who; Fly Golden Eagle; Crass Mammoth; Cardiknox; Space Capone; Plastic Visions; Oyinda.

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  1. Worst. Lineup. Ever.

  2. I feel like there were some serious missed opportunities here.

  3. Wow, they should just take a note from Sasquatch and cancel. Then again, 3-day passes are already sold out and I’m pretty sure a lot of people are regretting the decision to bite early.

    • In Lollapalooza’s defense, though, just because listeners such of ourselves have a more refined taste and higher expectation for festival lineups, it doesn’t mean these names aren’t going to turn out huge crowds of festivalgoers with not as great taste. Outkast + Eminem + Skrillex + Kings of Leon + Lorde = Huge album sales. Add to that, a heavy amount of EDM / brostep, generic indie and folk pop bands like CHVRCHES, Foster the People, Grouplove, Airborne Toxic Event and Head and the Heart, and this is actually a really, really safe lineup if your goal is to simply sell the festival out by pandering to lower common denominator music fans. It actually reminds me a lot of Coachella’s formula this year, and as weak as I personally think its lineup, I think it either broke a record in how quickly it sold out or was the 2nd fastest sell out.

    • it doesn’t sell out because of the lineup or even from people who plan to go. it sells out because of its reputation and random people that know they can get a huge return by flipping tickets on craigslist or stubhub.

  4. seriously – wtf is this?

  5. Sooooo, Governors Ball’s lineup is better than Lolla’s this year?!

  6. Hasn’t this whole festival idea eroded? It seems to have plateaued with even a tipping point being Outkast’s making the proclamation that they are playing 40 fests. It is a great example of the homogenized nature of these money grabs.

    At least Outkast came out and said they were doing it, though.

    In any event, the events keep selling out with pre sales a year in advance and the rich keep gettign richer, but I wonder when it will all backfire.

    • Unless you travel around the world, going from festival to festival, who cares? If you live in the Midwest and your option of festivals is within a certain radius, why would it matter who’s playing in the east or west coast?

      • “ga”, there is a certain exclusivity lost, imo. Bonnaroo has Elton, Kanye, Vamp Weekend, and Lionel Richie. All over the place there and may be a little random, but at least it is different. Even the fact that I am saying that about Bonnaroo is funny, because those headliiners are wayyy different than the bedrock that festival was built of jam bands.

        Less festivals, more uniqueness and make it worth a trip. Many of the middle level bands will be traveling to my location anyway and playing much smaller venues that are more desirable musically.

        I love the Moogfest idea in Asheville this year. It has a very focused unique lineup with lots of interaction. Different. An experience that not many can share.

        I am probably just an old fart and not “into it” anymore. Bros in tank tops and headbands pushing me over to see Childish Gambino terrifies me, too.

        • Yeah, the allure of large festivals is becoming less and less about exclusivity, but the big names still draw crowds (Lolla, Bonnaroo, Coachella). On the flipside, I find myself seeking out and enjoying more the smaller, more focused festivals that are equally abundant, but typically much less publicized like:

          Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee
          Woodsist Festival in Big Sur, CA
          Mountain Oasis Festival and Moogfest in Asheville, NC

    • As long as there is a large contingent of attendees who view big festivals as vacation destinations more so than nit-picking over the details on the lineup and as long as bands are building summer tours specifically around playing any festival that will have them for a larger pay day, the conformity and mediocrity of music festival lineups will persist.

      • Exactly. I’d imagine a good chunk of the people attending large scale festivals like B-roo, Lolla, and Coachella aren’t as much worried about the specific bands they’ll be seeing, they just want an excuse to drink, do some drugs, and hang out in the sun with their friends. As I’m typing this, though, I just realized that I have absolutely no problem with that. It seems like that’s the direction that the bigger festivals are headed in and that’s fine. There’s still plenty of smaller ones that have great lineups. The Pitchfork fest lineup is drool worthy this year, IMO.

        I live in the Bay Area and we have Outside Lands, which I avoided last year and probably will again this year, even though I can walk there from my apartment. I’ll probably go to both Treasure Island Music Festival, and First City Festival in Monterey, though. Both of those are cheaper, have lesser known but usually better acts as the headliners and midcard, are less crowded with douches, and offer an all around more unique experience.

        We shouldn’t be surprised that the large scale, big money festivals are starting to become homogenized like any other large scale, big money interest. These things aren’t quite the McDonald’s of music festivals yet, but they seem to be headed that way. We should just decide to opt out and spend our money on the smaller scale, more unique festivals, just like we’ve been doing with music all along.

        • TL;DR, Why are we complaining about shitty lineups at giant festivals when there are plenty of smaller ones that are cheaper, have better lineups, and offer a better overall experience?

          • Because some are in really rad places like Coachella Valley.

          • @sellingthefuckout

            The two I mentioned above are small, well curated festivals in awesome locations. TIMF is on an island in the middle of the San Francisco bay and First City is just north of Big Sur in Monterrey at the fair grounds. I saw a bunch of bands I love perform on the same stage where Jimi burned his guitar in ’67.

            If you love the Coachella Valley, go there on a weekend when it isn’t flooded with tens of thousands of people and go for a hike or something. You’ll probably appreciate the location even more that way. Then use the money you saved to go to a festival where you’ll actually get to SEE the bands you love instead of squint at them from half a mile away while you sweat your ass off crammed up against 50 aggro bros.

        • And that’s what it is — I go every year because it’s a fun weekend trip. Sometimes the lineups are better than others, every year someone you expected nothing from will surprise you, etc. But every year, it’s -always- a great time. We can all get on our high horse about our year end lists, but esp in the upper midwest when summer is so fleeting, is it so wrong to want to just pound a couple beers and listen to music?

  7. This lineup is a bizarre mix of EDM, bands that experienced their most popular days 5 years ago and a little spattering of hip-hop here and there.

  8. Wow. This lineup makes Coachella look like Bonnaroo.

  9. and it looks like GovBall may indeed be the winning lineup this year

    • Agreed! Well, and the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona… even though there’s no way in hell I’d be able to travel there.

  10. Happy to see that Arctic Monkeys have finally achieved near festival headliner status in the states, but damn this is a safe/corporate lineup.

  11. The way they sell out the tickets and then release their lineup a day later basically says that they want festival goers to not give a shit about the music. What’s disappointing is that quite a few halfway decent midcard acts that I would like to check out will count this as their Chicago visit.

    • Nailed it… that’s always what pisses me off about Lolla being in Chicago. I would rather just pay to see the artists I wanna see on their own than have to do the festival thing.

      I have to admit, I’m just not a huge Lolla fan period… over-priced everything, smaller set-lists, baking in the sun for 8 hours a day for 3 days straight – and worst of all – the majority of people that go care more about socializing with their friends and being on their phones than they do about about the music. Alas, I’m always suckered into wanting to attend because some of the artists I want to see don’t revisit the city for at least another year.

      • I mean, no one’s demanding that you be a fan. It’s cool if you don’t want to go. You’re in chicago, you can see the same bands play in town that week, or the next time they’re around.

    • Exactly. I live in the Chicago suburbs, and even though the Lolla experience has grown a bit old for me, I got a ticket yesterday. Now it turns out that this is my opportunity to see Spoon, Run the Jewels, Chvrches, Parquet Courts, Cut Copy, etc. this year. There aren’t a lot of acts close to my heart, but there are enough good ones to make for a fun weekend, especially since I won’t be able to see many of them in 2014 without a long drive.

      Also I think seeing the name so often is making people forget how excellent it is that OutKast are playing shows this summer. They made Aquemini, people!!! OutKast!!!

    • Chicago-love fist-bumps to both you guys ;)

  12. From my festival experiences, I’ve been to 4 it’s pretty clear to me that Lolla’s audience is the most bland. When I went in 2011 it was enjoyable but the crowds were pretty horrible. Seems like a lot of people just go there and socialize, spending part of the day in the Loop shopping and the rest of it at the festival taking instagram pictures.

    This line up is really really boring. There are some good acts but at a festival I want to bounce around from good band to good band, and a lot of times I have to pick between two bands that I love because their sets are at the same time. With this line up there just doesn’t seem to be that many bands that I’m interested in. It is a really watered down lineup that is for quasi-festival goers.

  13. It’s really bad when there are only 4 bands I’m even marginally interested in seeing in the top 5 lines.

  14. Good Lorde this lineup sucks!

  15. LOL-la-palooza

  16. WOW. Absolutely abysmal.

  17. P4K is going to be the Chicago festival to be at this year.

  18. Shit sold out quick haha. The reality is is that there’s this whole massive pocket of youngsters, like under 24, who aren’t up to the blogosphere artists, or even alt-rock history at all. They are the kids whom as young tykes were exposed only to American Idol and top 40. Finally, they’re exposed to this fesitval scene where music is valued to the point of being immersed in it for a whole weekend. It’s a big deal from seeing only what’s on TV to this whole world of artist they’ve never heard of (but are “cool”) with a few headliners they are familiar with. This whole thing is very positive for this generation of kids, even though its seems so alien to many of us who are up to date on what’s happening musically. Music is something that’s on the background for these kids, and it’s a big breakthrough for them to even be immersed for a whole weekend, even if it’s a little bit of a “scene”. Overall, I think it’s just an evolution. I’m personally a bit too old for what they’re shooting for, although my hopes are that they turn the after shows into something that can appeal to us more seasoned music hard-cores.

  19. Anyone else surprised Interpol is this low on the bill?

  20. The lineup of their corporate sponsors is more far more interesting.

  21. So this festival is pretty new and gets no love from Pitchfork or Stereogum, but Boston Calling actually has one of the most unique lineups this year. Death Cab, The Decemberists, Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, Tegan and Sara, Jenny Lewis…
    That’s a bucking the trend lineup right there.

  22. For my $ Forecastle Fest in Louisville is the one to beat this year. Band of Horses, Sun Kil Moon, Replacements…

  23. Sometimes the Stereogum crowd disappoints me. Since when is Lollapalooza some sort of underground, small band, artsy festival? I went to the original touring versions in the 90s and this is what they’ve always been about. They were always about bringing different kinds of bands and fans together while SELLING TICKETS. This even is sold out – three-day and single day tickets. They succeeded in doing exactly what the wanted and I’m sure the people of Chicago are THRILLED.

    Further, it’s only in the very recent past, due to the proliferation of festivals, that the type of comparisons being made in this thread can even take place. If you see a lineup you like, by all means, make that fest your destination and go there! But lets stop with this one is better than the other game. They aren’t – they’re just different, and different is good.

    Personally, if I lived in Chicago (I don’t, I’m in the SF Bay Area and I go to Coachella and Outside Lands, amongst others) I too would be thrilled to stroll around my city’s beautiful park enjoying three days of live music.

    • I live in Chicago… and while I understand your point and get it – I definitely don’t consider Lolla some small, artsy fest, never have – as a Chicagoan, it’s sometimes frustrating that Lolla nabs some of the artists you’ve been waiting to see for a year and then you’re kinda forced to shell out the money to see a smaller form of a show you’d wanna see from an artist because they won’t be back in your neck of the woods for quite a while after that.

      That’s my only issue with it. Well, that, and like many people have said upthread… the crowd at Lolla can be a total turnoff. It’s definitely not a lot of people going for the pure music aspect… it a lot people talking loudly over the artist about nothing relevant and making sure they instragram and tweet constantly instead of just enjoying the music itself.

    • I agree with you 1000% The critique is very annoying. I live in Chicago and I’ve been to Lolla the last 5 years and haven’t regretted a weekend yet. I understand people are bitching about the main headliners BUT look at all the surprises: Darkside, Blood Orange, Run The Jewels, The So SO GLos. Also, Arctic Monkeys more then deserve to Headline a fest in America, amazing live band. Cerebus has it right, Lollapalooza has always been about this type of lineup. Wasn’t surprising for me at all.

    • It’s the standard “i’m mad because you don’t like what I like”.

  24. This makes me feel like an old fart. Who are Zedd, Sebastian Ingrosso and Krewella? For godsake they’re listed above Spoon and Interpol and I’m completely ignorant as to who they are. Grandpa needs a beer.

    • Not idea who Sebastian Ingrosso is… but Zedd and Krewella are EDM. I thought the whole EDM craze was kinda coming to a halt lately but I guess not. :-/

  25. I know, @skow, right? I have to get to the sixth line of the thing until I see a band I like and I don’t recognize like 60% of this crap-is it all brostep? WTF is brostep anyway? Also, why the fuck is Jenny Lewis so far down on the bill/ I thought she was kind of a “big deal”?

  26. But Lollapalooza has always been somewhat ”corporate”, with headliners like NIN, SP, Green Day, Tool, ect. in the glory days. However, most would agree that even those corporate bands rocked harder then this sickly lineup we see before us.

  27. As a colombian, I feel kinda proud that Bomba Estéreo be part of the Lollapalooza lineup.

    On the other hand: why Bomba Estéreo is part of this boring lineup?

  28. At least Lolla has Run the Jewels where Coachella doesn’t.

  29. Just for some context, headliners in 97: Orbital, Devo, The Prodigy, The Orb, Tool, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tricky, Korn, James, Julian Marley and Damian Marley, G. Love & Special Sauce and the Uprising Band, Failure, The Sunshine

  30. Am I the only one on here who gets annoyed at how self-congratulatory these comments are? The running theme seems to be “Lollapalooza doesn’t cater to us ‘Gum commenters who have a more enlightened and eclectic taste than most of the population so let us pat ourselves on the back and high-five each other that we don’t go to such ‘mainstream’ festivals such as these.”

    Get the FUCK over yourselves people. This lineup ain’t super great but I challenge anyone who reads Stereogum and/or fancies themselves to be an “alt/indie” fan and not find a good amount of acts they enjoy watching.

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