Voidz video interview

We’ve seen a highly promising trailer and a less than promising SXSW gig in the leadup to the forthcoming album by Julian Casablancas + The Voidz. Now here’s an eight-minute mini-documentary in which Casablancas introduces his bandmates, reveals more snippets of music, and describes his new album as “kind of a protest record” about “corruption being king… now and forever.” Most importantly, the music contained therein has me excited about this record again. Agreed? Find out below.

The Voidz album is expected this summer via Cult Records.

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  1. Can’t wait. That part at 7:23 sounds amazing. Also the subliminal images in this video are great: http://imgur.com/8oA2fCR

  2. holy crap, that clip of something off the record at the end of the video sounded INCREDIBLE! release date please!!!

  3. pumped for this album and the new black bananas. summers gonna be rad!

  4. Dammit, Julian, you’ve got me on a roller coaster of emotion!

    I’ve been stoked, stoked, bitterly disappointed, and now semi-stoked — I don’t know how much more I can take.

  5. Hes playing Ize of the World at his live shows, and the generally heaviness of this things vibe says its gonna be in the same vein as First Impression of Earth. But whereas FIOE was slick and vaguely prog, this will be rough and kinda metal.
    Like I dont know about yall but I think the music on FIOE is the best hes written, the production and length just kinda bring it down. If he was to do that with the lo fi vibe, and conciseness he had one the first two records, it coulda been the strokes best received album.
    So I’m psyched for this, cuz the rest of the Strokes seem to go for a more jangle upbeat sound. Jules is the only one who really defends First Impressions, and without the rest of the fab five he can pursue that sound.
    No way this band are the same level of musicians though. Beardo seems cool, but like that dude makes rap music. He’s no Nick Valensi

    • Interesting point about FIOE. I highly agree that the length of the record needed to be shorter (it dragged too much), but I think that was it’s only downfall. Was the production really THAT much slicker than on Room on Fire? I don’t think it was.

      Anyway, excited for Voidz…

  6. Wow. Who cares what happened at the Fader Fort last week? After seeing this I’m right backed to being fully stoked to hear this album!!! Just release it already Julian!!!!

    • Ehhhh I’d still be concerned about that. Jules was only a technically impressive singer when he sorta crooned, which takes some elastic pipes. If his voice has really just worn out from age and the rockstar life, you can forget about new songs that sound like his best Strokes work.
      The falsetto hes been using the past few year is something he can probably only hit in the booth. We’ll see though, he’s a good enough singer and his voice is iconic. No reason not to expect him to be able to do great studio work in the future

    • i think your comparing that fader fort performance to slavery….give it 30 years, youll come around.

  7. Wow, this band might not turn out to be a total shitshow. The song preview at the end sounded great, I shouldn’t have written them off after SXSW.

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