David Letterman Retirement

Tonight, two former R.E.M. members, Mike Mills and Peter Buck, will be on the Late Show With David Letterman. They’re backing up the night’s musical guest, singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur. Letterman tapes his show early in the day, which means those guys were on hand for something of a landmark show-business moment: Apparently, David Letterman is retiring. We only know this, though, because Mills tweeted it, effectively breaking the news. Here’s Mills: “Dave just announced his retirement #2015 #muchlovedave.”

Below watch R.E.M. playing Late Night With David Letterman in October ’83. It was the band’s first television performance and “So. Central Rain” didn’t even have a name yet…

UPDATE: Here’s Letterman’s announcement followed by a short backstage interview in which Mills explains why he broke the news over Twitter.

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  1. Expect the unexpected. It’s a weird time to be alive, folks.

  2. Coming 2016: The Late Show With … JAY LENO.

  3. This is how news breaks in 2014. A brave new world, indeed. Two additional thoughts: I’ve always had a soft spot for Dave, and will miss his strange, oddly dark presence in the late night world. Also, maybe this will open the door to a non-white guy host for one of the big late night shows? Break down those false barriers, Moonves!

  4. If this is indeed true, then I’m gonna feel pretty old when I wake up tomorrow…

  5. At least we can always hold on to this…

  6. tina fey would make a nice replacement

  7. They can just move Conan over from TBS. They are both owned by Time Warner

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