Matt Berninger and Pete Holmes

The National’s singer Matt Berninger might have a sophisticated taste in TV comedy, but he’s generally known as an intense brooding type rather than a funny motherfucker. So it’s fun to see him flex a remarkably sharp and dry wit on last night’s episode of the TBS late-night comedy The Pete Holmes Show. In their segment, Berninger and Holmes attempt to write a massive and simple “Get Lucky”-style pop song, which quickly leads to the two of them improvising goofy bits about Cincinnati chili and having sex with a yeti. Watch it all unfold below.

Those lyrics, it’s worth pointing out, are only marginally more ridiculous than many actual Berninger lyrics.

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  1. Not that I’m in my twenties, but what’s up with everyone in the National being old? Were they ever young?

  2. Watched Mistaken for Strangers the other night and it was great, I highly recommend it.

  3. Guys, can we talk about how good Cincinnati chili is?

  4. Skyline is awesome!

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