Red Hot Chili Peppers

It’s so tempting to make jokes about this, but it’s also a truly fucked up situation: As Al Jazeera reports, a recent Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s Guantanamo Bay prison reveals that the CIA has recently used music as one torture instrument among many. The report centers on the Saudi prisoner Zain Abidin Mohammed Husain Abu Zubaydah, who was used as a torture guinea pig and subjected to 10 different forms of enhanced interrogation, even though he’s still never been charged with anything. According to the report, Abu Zubaydah was stuffed into a dog crate, with his wrists shackled, for weeks at a time, and “subjected to an endless loop of loud music.” Whatever your opinions of Anthony Kiedis’s scat-rapping, this seems like no way to treat a human being. Trent Reznor recently spoke out against his music being used as a torture device; don’t be surprised if the Chili Peppers do something similar.

UPDATE: Drummer Chad Smith learns about the story from a TMZ cameraman, and responds…

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  1. Internal memos referred to this form of enhanced interrogation as “Abu Ghraibalifornication.”

  2. Are we sure this isn’t just a case of miscommunication and that he actually was tortured by using actual red hot chili peppers?

  3. Did they then proceed to be suckin’ his dick?

  4. wow this is horrible I hope they do speak out

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