Arcade Fire

It would appear that Arcade Fire’s embrace of disco and funk has already gone way beyond their Reflektor album. At a show in Houston last night, the band covered Blondie’s beyond-classic disco jam “Heart Of Glass,” with Régine Chassagne handling the vocals and the band doing a strong version of that song’s supple groove. Chassagne and her bandmates can’t conjure the icy cool of the original, but maybe they deserve points for trying. Listen to a recording of the live rendition below.

They’re going to be trying out Donna Summer or “I Will Survive” by the end of this tour, aren’t they?

UPDATE: Here’s video. Naturally the song came right after “Sprawl II”…

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  1. How did they NOT make a medley out of this and Mountains Beyond Mountains? A rare miss, Arcade Fire.
    For reference:

  2. Sorry Arcade Fire but no Debbie Harry, no deal.

  3. that sounded exactly how I thought it would sound.

  4. “I Feel Love”!

  5. I thought they’ve been covering “Heart of Glass” since 2010—wasn’t it the 2nd to last track on The Suburbs?

  6. karaoke thru a p.a. any downtown bar anywhere in the globe, white trash version

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